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Let's Put on a Show!

Later, Hawkman and Oliver are winging through the night sky. Hawkman deposits Oliver through the Watchtower's already-broken window. Oliver rolls inelegantly across the floor, coming to a stop with a thud. "You know, you really gotta work on your landings," Oliver snarks. Hawkman, who's just landed beside him, snarks back: "It would have been a lot smoother if you hadn't thrown up." Heh. Also, ew. What a disgusting surprise for anyone who happened to be on the streets below, looking up at that moment. Courtney and Clark walk in through the doors like relatively normal people, Courtney in her patriotic streetwalker gear and Clark in his Emo Blur outfit.. Heroic music swells. Oliver asks after John. "There's not much more they can do," Clark says. Chloe joins the group and sighs. "Then I guess we'll just have to wait." Why? Clark's fought bigger foes by himself. Surely they don't need everyone to take on Icicle. [Especially since Icicle is far from the deadliest foe the JSA has ever faced. He's kind of B-list. - Z] Hawkman disagrees with me, saying they should have stuck together from the beginning instead of pairing off. Suddenly, Icicle materializes in the middle of the room in a blast of blue light and snow. He unleashes a swirl of icy energy that chokes Chloe like a noose. She gasps and chokes. Guess she's not from Chicago. For some reason, Icicle drops Chloe instead of killing her. [Probably realizing he should have attacked somebody dangerous first. - Z] Courtney runs over to check on her.

The battle ensues in slow motion: Clark blasts Icicle's stolen helmet with his heat vision, Green Arrow shoots an arrow at him, Courtney flips through the air with her staff all aglow, and Hawkman whacks Icicle up the head with his mace. Icicle falls to the floor, but leaps up a moment later, repelling the heroes with a blast of cold energy. Everyone falls. Courtney drops her staff. Icicle prepares to blast her, but John Jones whooshes in through the window just in time to stop him. "I thought I killed you," Icicle overacts. John fixes him with a look of badassitude. "I'm Mars's sole survivor -- there's a reason for that." Icicle blasts John. John's human form flickers and glows green for a moment, but he's unharmed. Clark takes the opportunity to shoot some heat rays at Icicle. Courtney thwaps him with her staff. Hawkman steps forward to loom over Icicle, who looks up at him for eons without doing anything. Hawkman swings his mace and knocks the Nabu helmet clean off Icicle's head. Icicle lies unconscious on the floor. Hawkman holds up the helmet, looking it in the eyes like he's auditioning for Super Hamlet. "I'm sorry about your friend," Clark says. "So am I," Hawkman says. Clark looks slightly sad. Commercials.

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