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Hospital. Maybe they should change the name of the show to Metropolis General Hospital since we spend so much time there anyway. It'll be like Grey's Anatomy with super powers. Clark shows up to check up on Chloe, who's just finishing up her exam with an ER doctor. Clark asks if she's OK. Chloe laughs it off as "just some moderate frostbite." These people have become so inured to injury and danger. Chloe's more concerned about Clark, since she hasn't heard from him in days now. Clark apologizes for playing phone tag with her, but Chloe says no apologies are needed -- he's been busy protecting the streets of Metropolis and chasing down Lois Lane. Plus, he's leading the Kandorians on top of all that. There are people all around them while this conversation is going on, but I guess everyone else has become inured to weirdo talk from random people. "I'm only helping them find their place here," he corrects her. They're just trying to make a home on Earth, like John Jones did when he joined the police department. Last week, you were angry enough to threaten to kill them and now you're helping them study for their citizenship tests? All right. Chloe is skeptical about the Kandorians and gives Clark a look that says, "You poor, big, crazy alien." At this point, they both notice that a doctor is giving a cop the bloodied shirt that Sylvester was wearing. Chloe also notices the star-spangled cell phone that passes between the doc and the cop. [Between that phone and the Gleek-phone used by Zan and Jayna, it seems like customized cell phones are the hot new hero accessories. - Zach] She takes out her own phone and goes over to sneakily download Sylvester's phone records. Clark, meanwhile, notices a pretty blond lady having an emotional outburst in the hall behind him. A cop has just told her that Sylvester is dead. She doesn't want to believe it. She looks sort of like an older version of Hilary Duff. She sniffles and wipes her eyes. Clark approaches her with a word of concern. She cries that her friend was murdered. Clark politely offers to sit down and talk with her, but she sees his press badge and thinks he wants a story from her. She gets the hell out of there. Chloe sees the exchange and walks over to Clark. She fills Clark in on the rest of the info: Sylvester had a uniform, had a staff that could control light, he knew about Watchtower. "And he was killed by ice from someone... or some thing." It's all reminding her of the Wall of Weird from the old days. She puts Clark on the job, giving him the phone and telling him Sylvester's last phone call was with a man named Wesley Dodds.

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