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Daily Planet. Lois drops the day's paper onto Clark's desk to show off her front-page byline. "Who Was the Justice Society of America?" asks the headline. A bunch of talky, gruff old guys, mostly. Clark congratulates her. She takes her seat opposite his and says it's hard to believe they could have been swept under the rug for so long. "Well, thanks to you, the world now knows who they are," Clark says. "Maybe we'll be seeing more of them." When's the next Sweeps period? Lois muses about meeting someone who could tell her fate. She smiles, then gets all awkward and looks away. Clark prompts her to tell him what Dr. Fate said. "Yeah, well, he was just babbling about how I'd be there for him and he'd be there for me," Lois says. "Who's the 'him'?" Clark asks innocently. She tells him the "savior/sentient power" thing that Fate mentioned. I'm getting a chuckle out of Clark being called a sentient power. Lois glances down with a smile, then back up at Clark. Clark smiles at her and asks if she believes in fate. "Only the kind you make happen," she says.

Checkmate. Icicle's tied to a chair in the checkerboard room. The lights above glow red-hot. He struggles against his bonds and shouts at the empty room about being transferred to three different prisons before ending up here. "I haven't slept, I haven't eaten, and I'm burning up!" Eventually, Waller enters the room. Icicle complains that the helmet screwed him up. No, I think you were screwed up before then. He begs to be released so he can finish the job and take down the JSA. Waller smiles down at him. "You knocked on their door, you got them back into the game and back into the public eye. That's mission accomplished," she says. [Did he need to kill so many of them in the process? - Z] It's all she needed from him. Besides, he doesn't have what it takes to take them down. He strains and growls at her. Waller warns of an army of heroes growing and she's going to need them to survive the coming "apocalypse." What an odd, convoluted plan. Which is to say, she's a perfect fit for Smallville. "Apocalypse?" Icicle repeats. He complains that that's not what he signed up for. Waller disagrees: "Oh, but it is." She levels a gun at his head. "Welcome to the Suicide Squad." Bang!

Waller walks out of the room and closes the door behind her. Tess is waiting in the hall outside. Waller greets her: "Agent Mercer, it's been a long time." Tess says nothing. As she turns to follow Waller, we see Mercer's badge identifying her as a member of Checkmate. Ominous music! Close-up of the chess piece symbol! The end.

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