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All right, when did these arrests take place? The film looked like it was from the 1960s, but no one seems to have aged more than a few years in the interim. This drove me nuts on my first viewing of the episode but I think I'm just going to have to stop thinking about it or I'll never get through the recap. [Comic books have so many different ways of keeping people from aging it's not even funny. Most of them make zero sense in a TV show, even this one. - Z]

Clark zips over to a sturdy-looking stone building that's on the corner of a busy city intersection. Inside he finds a well-appointed mansion that looks a lot like the Luthor mansion, actually. A voice behind him says, "The museum is closed... permanently." Clark turns to see Carter Hall. The years have been especially kind to Mr. Hall. Clark introduces himself as a reporter from the Daily Planet and offers his hand. Carter pointedly doesn't shake it. Instead, he asks Clark what he wants. "I came to talk to you about a few of your friends," he says. Pemberton and Dodds were both murdered. Carter glances down. Coming from another room, a man's frantic muttering reaches Clark. Clark goes to investigate and finds a man huddled in the corner, clutching a bowling bag and rocking back and forth. He mutters about Pemberton and Dodds dying. Beneath his voice, there's an indistinct, otherworldly whispering. "Who's that?" Clark asks. The man mutters that he's Dr. Kent Nelson. "But the doctor's out," he says. Way out. He holds his bowling bag closer. Carter says he hasn't talked to either Pemberton or Dodds in years, but Clark points out that Pemberton called him several times before his death. "I didn't answer," Carter says gruffly. OK, every time you see where I've written "Carter says" anywhere in this recap, just imagine that the adverb "gruffly" appears immediately after. Because he's all about the gruffly. Dr. Nelson keeps muttering to his bowling bag, telling "Nabu" to stop whispering. This prompts Clark to X-ray the bag. A metal mask turns to meet Clark's super-powered gaze and radiates a flash of golden light. Clark blink-blink-blinks. "We have nothing else to say," Carter says, stepping between Nelson and Clark. Clark, a bit shaken, gets out of there. The ethereal whispering continues. Nelson scampers over to Carter, saying, "The helmet says he can help!" "We only help ourselves, Nelson," says Carter, patting the other man on the shoulder. "Like we've always had to." Then answer your damn phone once in a while, dude.

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