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All right, what's the deal with the museum? There's an actual superhero museum and yet no one -- and I mean no one -- remembers any of these superheroes? I mean, it's right there on a busy intersection in the middle of the city! Even if it's "permanently closed" like Carter says, they go around leaving the door open so schmoes off the street can wander in. It makes no sense! Sigh.

Out on the streets of Metropolis, Oliver is calling Chloe to tell her that Sylvester's "glow stick" was missing from the evidence lockup. Hey, speak of the devil! There's Courtney, walking along in broad daylight, carrying the giant, golden, crystal-tipped staff now! Oliver jogs over to her. She scowls at him, which makes her look even older. Oliver points out the staff doesn't belong to her, but she snots that it belongs to her now. He follows her into a deserted alleyway. "It'd be a shame to miss your junior, junior prom because you got arrested for breaking into police lockup." She whips around to face him, staff at the ready. Oliver tells her to cool off, he just wants her help because two of her friends have been murdered. The second murder comes as a surprise to her. She seems about to listen to Oliver, but Nelson jumps into the scene just then. "We help ourselves," he says, grabbing onto the staff. Light flashes from the crystal and Nelson disappears with Courtney, leaving Oliver to gape at the empty air in front of him. Commercials!

Oliver and Chloe show up at the parking lot where they're looking for Sylvester's car. As they look for his car, they wonder why Courtney was "kidnapped" when the rest of the victims were criminals. Chloe thinks it might be that Courtney knew something that Sylvester was hiding. They quickly spot his car, because it's got more fins than a Japanese koi pond. Someone who knows more about cars will have to specify what model this ride is, but it looks like something from the late 1950s or early 1960s. There's a small American flag fixed to the antenna and the Metropolis license plate reads "STAR." Oliver gets his lock picks out, but Chloe just opens the unlocked door with a teasing smile. Inside the car, it's obvious that Sylvester's been using the place as his home. There are empty food wrappers, clothes, and blankets strewn all over the seats. Oliver finds a journal inside the glove box. He closes the box, revealing the car's name: The Star-Rocket Racer. Oliver snarks that this must have been the getaway car. As he flips through the journal, he sees pictures of Aquaman, Canary, Clark, Chloe, and himself. "He knew our identities," Oliver says, handing the journal to Chloe. Chloe thinks this means Courtney knows, too. She didn't seem to recognize Clark in the hospital, though. They trade concerned looks.

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