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Let's Put on a Show!

Hospital. Again. Clark and Chloe are in mid-conversation when we find them walking together down a hall in the criminal containment ward. Clark wonders what could have torn apart such a close group of people. "They were criminals and they got caught," Chloe says with uncharacteristic harshness. Clark's intuition is telling him that Carter's hiding something more in the museum. Plus, there were sheets covering everything! Chloe stops at one of the patients' doors and grabs a clipboard of medical files. She sighs with disappointment as she reads that the Icicle's been in a vegetative state for ten years. Dead end. "If that's true, then there's no way he can be our killer," Clark says. Thanks, Captain Obvious. Suddenly a golden light and now-familiar whispering begin to emanate from Mahkent's hospital room. Clark and Chloe inside to see Dr. Fate standing over Mahkent's bed, glowing fingers extended over the unconscious man's face. "What are you doing to him?" Clark demands to know, grabbing Fate by the arm. Fate fixes him with a look. With a flash of light, he sees an image from Clark's future: the Superman cape fluttering in space. "Your fate is utterly binding," Fate says to him. "You are of value, Clark Kent." Tell that to the show, dude. He's practically a guest star now. Clark jerks back from Fate. Fate next turns to Chloe. "But you... you walk the same path I do, Chloe Sullivan." Her eyes widen in fear. "Who are you?" Clark asks, losing his characteristic bravado. Fate offers to show him. Holding up his hand, an ankh glows in his palm. In a burst of light, he and Clark disappear, leaving Chloe alone in the hospital room with the vegetative criminal.

Later, Chloe returns to the Watchtower. She calls Oliver and tells him Clark was taken by one of Sylvester's old gang somehow teleported him away. As she's talking to him, we see Oliver on the other end, dressed in his Green Arrow gear, running around and somersaulting off various rooftops. Showoff. Chloe tells him that the stranger wanted to show Clark something. "Where would they take him?" Oliver wonders. "Maybe the same place they took Courtney," Chloe says. Speaking of whom, Miss Whitmore is now sauntering through the streets, dressed in blue leather shorts and a star-spangled belly shirt. She wears a blue mask over her eyes. Oliver tells Chloe that his satellites picked up the glow from Sylvester's staff and he's tracked it down. He perches on a rooftop above Courtney. "It's getting stranger," Oliver says, watching the patriotic teen streetwalker below. He realizes she's purposely making herself a target by walking around in Suicide Slum in the middle of the night. He calls out, "What the hell are you doing here?" She shouts at him to go away, but he flips off the roof and lands in a crouch beside her. His knees are going to be total crap by the time he's 40, if he keeps jumping around like that. He compliments her on her obvious American pride. She snits that at least she's proud of something other than herself. "I know what kind of hero you are, Green Arrow." The air quotes around "hero" are implied. He can't believe she's talking down to him. He demands to know where Clark is.

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