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Let's Put on a Show!

Suddenly, a blast of snow suddenly knocks Oliver to the ground. Rockin' music plays as Icicle steps into the scene. "Anyone up for some ice cream?" he asks. Um... ew. The staff materializes in Courtney's hand. Icicle pops up to grab her from behind, holding an icicle to her throat. He asks if she's supposed to be the new Star-Spangled Kid. "It's Stargirl," she says, bapping him with the staff and whirling away from him. She aims the staff at him for what seems like ages while he recovers instead of just blasting him. The icicle in his hand lengthens. Ew, again. They start battling it out, using their respective weapons like swords. This goes on for quite a while. Oliver's still lying around, I guess. More fighting and rock music. They ram the points of their weapons together in a game of super-powered chicken. They each stand their ground as the energy in their weapons grows. Finally, the energy culminates in a blast that sends both of them hurtling 20 feet away from each other. Their weapons clatter to the ground. Courtney make a move toward the staff, but then Icicle remembers he can shoot ice projectiles out of his hands and does so. Oliver shatters the projectiles with a well-timed arrow. The snow disappears. Courtney turns to Oliver, pissed that he ruined her chance to get the first shot at Sylvester's killer. Girl, you did get the first shot. You just didn't win. "He promised me," Courtney pouts. "'He' who?" Oliver asks. Oliver looks up as a whooshing sound from above rockets towards him. Hawkman swoops down, picks up Oliver, and whooshes back up into the sky with him. So... Icicle is just gone, I guess? It's like he just... stopped being in the scene.

Back at Watchtower, a concerned Chloe is calling out to Oliver on the phone. He doesn't answer. She hears a high-pitched whooshing sound and turns toward one of the big stained-glass windows just in time to see Oliver hurtling through it. Oliver: "AAH!" Chloe dives for the floor. Oliver tumbles to a stop amid broken glass and shards of the window frame. He has several small, decorative cuts on his face and arms. Chloe rushes over to him. "Oliver! Are you OK?" "He'll live," Hawkman says behind them, in an even gruffer voice than before. They look up to see him hovering outside the broken window. He offers a parting warning: "Now stay the hell out of our business. Next time, I won't ask so nicely." Chloe and Oliver gape as he whooshes off into the night sky, silhouetted against the permanently full moon. Commercials.

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