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We open on a close-up of a hand. But it's a cute hand, not a marauding disembodied hand (like in that one movie about the hand that went around killing people. I think it was called... The Hand?). Given the engagement ring on the appropriate finger, it's safe to guess that the hand belongs to Miss Chloe Sullivan. And it's not a man-hand, thank goodness. We pan up the arm and see a sleeping Chloe. She slowly stirs. Jimmy enters the room carrying a tray and breakfast-in-bed for his beloved. He's even got a flower in there. Aw, Jimmy. You're not totally useless every once in a blue moon. He also has a big French press container of coffee for their "Wedding Day Countdown" blend. He mixed two kinds of beans together. We've secretly switched hapless Jimmy Olsen with someone who doesn't fuck up everything he touches! Will Chloe notice? Let's watch... Jimmy, sitting on the bed, pours her a cup. Shit, nobody brings me coffee in bed. I bet my productivity would soar! I could recap the same episode twice in one week! Jimmy tells her that it's one week until the wedding (really!?) and they're still getting RSVPs. Welcome to having a wedding. I'm still waiting on some RSVPs for our wedding and it was four years ago. Chloe says the slow-responders must have never had to deal with the challenge of a seating chart. Jimmy says one of their invited guests continues to be conspicuously absent. Chloe doesn't know what he's talking about. "Lana?" he asks. I would imagine that Lana would be part of Chloe's wedding party. How is it possible they haven't had any e-mail exchanges or phone calls about it? I guess the events of the rest of the episode will explain that mystery, but it still seems weird that Lana wouldn't have at least asked if she's supposed to bring anything or offer to help. I guess we'll find out more about that next week. Chloe looks blank. "Who?" she asks. I only wish I could forget all the years that Lana tortured me with her wispy nothingness. Jimmy chuckles. He recaps: "Long-time friend, drama with Clark, left town in a hurry, apparently never to be heard from again." Cut her some slack. She's Chun-Li, man! "Right... Lana," Chloe says, unconvincingly. She pretends she didn't hear Jimmy even though he's RIGHT THERE. He asks if she's all right. Jimmy says Chloe's been pretty forgetful lately. He thinks the florist is going to give them potted ferns if Chloe forgets her name gain. Wasn't Lana's aunt, Nasty Nell, a florist? You'd think Chloe could have cut a deal with her. Chloe says she's distracted and has pre-wedding jitters. Eh, not the kind of thing you want to tell the guy who just brought you breakfast. Jimmy takes her hand. He assures her that the hard part is over. Season Five? Yeah, that was a pretty rough time. After syndication, it's all good. Jimmy asks her to think of the wedding as one big "Fiesta to us." He also could have said "Fiesta de us" and that would have been only slightly cuter. Jimmy says it'll be just like the engagement party, but with more people. And, you know, vows and stuff.

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