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As Clark walks downstairs, Davis and Chloe have shown up. "I think that they're closed," Chloe says, as they stand in the coffee shop downstairs. Clark figures Chloe doesn't recognizes him. He reminds her that she lives upstairs in her own apartment. "Why did you bring me here? You promised me I could stay with you," she tells Davis. Davis explains that Clark is one of her best friends. Chloe insists that she only remembers Davis. Davis promises that she's safe here. Jimmy comes down the stairs and sees Chloe. He starts to go to her, but Chloe holds up a hand and backs away, claiming she doesn't know him. Back when I was single, I lost more girlfriends like this than I could count. Clark tells her that it's her fiancé. Chloe says, "Stay away from me!" and tries to run, but Davis catches her and sticks a needle right in her neck. Ouchie! Jimmy catches her and asks what Davis just did. Davis says she has full-blown amnesia and could have run away. He brought a sedative. Needle in the HEY! "Any idea why she remembers you?" Clark asks, accusingly. Hey, you left her in a fucking barn, smart guy. Davis doesn't know, but says Chloe was scared out of her mind. He brought her there because he thought seeing them might jump-start her mind. Jimmy sincerely thanks Davis for bringing her home. Davis says it's no problem (I have a feeling it was a big problem) and that this is where she belongs. Davis leaves them. He asks them to call if they need him. Jimmy decides they need to take her to Smallville Medical Center. [Because it's a much more advanced facility than the Metropolis Hospital? - Z] Clark offers to bring his truck around if Jimmy wants to get some of her stuff. Jimmy runs upstairs. Instead of getting the truck, Clark kneels down next to Chloe. He picks her up. Road trip!

Clark is carrying Chloe into the Fortress. "Time is of the essence, Kal-El!" Jarnelle says. Yeah, yeah, old man, I'm hurrying. Shut your interstellar pie-hole. Clark lays Chloe down and puts his jacket over her. He says she never would have gotten hurt if she wasn't protecting his secret. Jarnelle says he tried to warn Clark about the danger of sharing his true identity. More fixing, less lecturing, all right? Clark says that now that he's taking more risks, it's ever more dangerous for Chloe. Clark thinks Chloe deserves a life free from the burden of his secret. Uh-oh. What's going on in that big, empty brain of yours, Clark? "When you restore her memory, I don't want her to remember anything about Krypton," Clark says. Dick! "Or my abilities," he adds. Even dickier! What are you doing!? Jarnelle says he knows this choice isn't easy for Clark. He calls him "My son." But, Jarnelle says, it will be done. Clark kneels. He touches Chloe's hair. "You've been the best friend and ally I could have had, Chloe," he tells her. He says that Chloe saved him more times than he ever could have saved her. He kisses her forehead. "I'm sorry to go back to hiding the truth from you. But the best way that I know to protect you is to let you go," he says. The nearby ice dildos light up in agreement. They pulsate. Chloe's eyes open. The whites of her eyes fill with black. The black goo leaks out of her ear and onto the ice below. It pools and sinks into the ice. The entire Fortress lights up bright white as Clark stands there, being a huge, red-jacketed dick.

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