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Outside The Talon. Chloe has a helmet in her hand. She walks to her yellow scooter. Davis is behind her. Chloe jokes that he might be sneaking up on her with a hypodermic needle. Davis apologizes for that. Chloe thanks him. She also mentions she heard Davis won't be at the wedding. She says she's really going to miss him. Davis says he lied about having to work that day. Chloe asks if it's because of the drama she put him through. Davis says it's not Chloe. He says she's beautiful. Davis says there's a lot in his life he doesn't understand, but he's sure how he feels about Chloe. She looks hurt. Davis says he can't go to the wedding because he can't watch her marry the wrong man. Chloe backs away a bit and says he needs to slow down and put his ambulance in reverse. Chloe admits they had an attraction when they first met. She says Davis is kind, saves people's lives and looks good in a uniform, so of course she's going to like him. But, she says, she loves Jimmy. "Do you? Do you really?" Davis asks. He says he brought her back to Jimmy even though he wanted to take care of her himself. He was being the bigger man. But then he realized that she came to him when she'd forgotten everyone else, including Jimmy and her best friend, Clark. "It was me," he says. He inches up closer to her. He says there's some sort of connection between them and he knows Chloe feels it, too. He touches her face. Leans in. They kiss. Chloe's into it, but cuts if off after a moment. Backing away, she says the connection was "Never this." She turns her back to him. Davis says he understands, but he's not ready to let her go. Chloe looks worried. Davis says he'll wait for as long as it takes. "You know where to find me," he whispers. As he walks away, Chloe looks around, unsure what to do.

Fortress. Clark calls for Jarnelle. He says he came to thank him for what he did. Clark thinks Chloe is much safer now that she doesn't know his secret. He says he's also realizing how much he actually lost. Nice one, dumbass. Jarnelle says Clark made a difficult choice. He's proud of Clark. He asks what else is troubling Clark. Clark says he knows they defeated Brainiac, but he's worried about the Kryptonian symbol for doom that Chloe kept seeing. Jarnelle fills Clark in: the symbol represents the ultimate destroyer, bred for a single purpose: to kill. He says it adapts and evolves to any attack and is virtually unstoppable. He says it seems to have made it to Earth. Oh shit! Clark thinks Brainiac was using Chloe as a vessel to contact this destroyer. Jarnelle says that if this is true, it's likely the creature will find her soon. Clark says that he'll take it on like he's taken on everything else. "I'm here for you as well, my son," Jarnelle tells him. "Thank you... Father," he says. Clark zips out before things can get too mushy. The camera zips into the ice dildo holder. We zoom inside and hear Jarnelle say, "My son? My son?" We see black goo surrounding the base of one of the ice dildos. "Your son," the voice of Brainiac says, "is destined to fail." What looks like a black koosh ball emerges from the goo and spreads to another crystal. They're all getting infected. Brainiac says that a new age of power and strength is coming to Earth and will also bring the fall of the House of El. We pull out and see that all the crystals are turning black. The virus spreads to the rest of the Fortress, which turns black. "Doomsday is coming," Brainiac says. On the floor is the doom symbol. And then it flashes across the screen at us for good measure. Scary times!

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