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Suddenly, we hear what sounds like electricity buzzing as Chloe flashes to an image of her ring and then to the engagement party. She's all dressed up and handing out cake. Jimmy comes up behind her, hugging her. He tells her they should take a little break and he just needs two minutes alone with her. Chloe thinks the night has gone by faster than the flash of a camera. Jimmy says that's why they can't miss this dance. They dance. "I love you, Jimmy," she tells him. He's a tiny bit stunned. More dancing. Chloe holds him closer. Suddenly, more electricity crackles. The lights go out and people in the room begin disappearing one-by-one. We see weird flashes of light as it happens. Chloe asks Jimmy what's going on. She says this isn't how that night happened. Everyone is gone. Chloe looks to Jimmy and his face has been replaced by a blank landscape of skin. Creepy! Chloe backs away. Jimmy disappears too in a flash of green energy. He's replaced by a weird symbol that looks like it came out of Transformers. He was a Decepticon the whole time! Chloe looks around. Green bits of energy seem to be floating in the air. Everything goes dark and out of control. The camera pulls back and we see lines of green code across the screen. One more bright green flash and we're pushed back to the present.

Chloe sits in bed, holding her head. Jimmy asks if she's all right. He says she blanked out for a second. She backs away and hops off the bed. "Get out of my apartment," she says. He says it's him, Jimmy, her fiancé. "I think I'd remember my own fiancé!" she says, "I've never seen you before in my life." Wow. She says it with absolute certainty. Alternating close-ups on the two of them. Somewhere, James Garner from The Notebook says, "Yep, it's a bitch, ain't it?"

Opening credits. Commercials. In keeping with the hand theme from earlier, McDonald's is asking you to come give "A Hand" this week.

Kent Farm. The cows have long been sold off to make T-Bone steaks. Clark is lying down in the kitchen, fixing the plumbing under the sink. He roughly pulls off a pipe, stripping all the threading. Nice one, Clark. You're no Joe the Plumber and ever since Lex left, you're really slacking in the laying pipe department. Jimmy comes in without knocking. "Code red!" he says. Yeah, I think this kitchen is about to flood. Jimmy says his whole world just fell apart. Clark stands up and asks him to slow down and tell him what's going on. Is a bright red shirt really the most appropriate thing to wear for maintenance work? Jimmy says that he thought as Chloe's future husband he could steer their ship through any kind of weather, but he just got hit with a major "Bridal wave." Oh, for fuck's sake. WHO TALKS LIKE THIS!? I'm sure I'm not the only one, but when I hear crap dialogue it hurts my ears the way people who are musically inclined get an earache from dissonant notes. Clark says the wedding is a week away. He thinks she's probably just stressed. Jimmy says that's what he thought, too, but she's been forgetting things. Jimmy says it started small, but today, Chloe didn't even recognize him. Maybe you're just that forgettable. Close-up on Clark. He asks if Jimmy noticed any other symptoms. Did she suddenly give up journalism for no good goddamned reason? Maybe she was body-snatched by Lois. That seems pretty plausible. Jimmy says she calmed down when he showed Chloe a picture of the two of them together, but he still doesn't think she remembers him. Jimmy says Chloe used to have a medical condition that gave her a special ability. Clark knows about it already: her healing power. Jimmy says he figured Chloe told Clark about that (but doesn't say it in a jealous way). He asks if Clark thinks it might have led to brain damage. For the writers? He thinks they should get Chloe to a doctor. He asks Clark to talk to Chloe. He thinks that Chloe's memory may have left him at the altar, but that she might still remember Clark. Clark doesn't look like he's looking forward to that conversation.

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