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As-Is Foundation. Chloe is speed-reading through a giant coffee table book called Symptoms & Treatments of Amnestic Disorder. Worst pop-up book ever. You know, I actually lost my disc of Radiohead's Amnesiac. I wonder if the two things are related. Chloe has also forgotten what humans wear, because she has on the most garish top ever. It's like somebody threw paint on a black shirt and then sent it to Miami. She hears Clark call after her from the next room. Quickly, she scurries to put the book in a drawer so Clark won't see it. She also uses a remote to close the command center. She calls for Clark. He comes in, saying he's been looking all over for her. He says that Jimmy filled him in on the scary memory loss. Chloe says that Jimmy is overreacting. Modern brides marry complete strangers all the times these days! It's fun!

"So you do know who he is," Clark says. Chloe rattles off traits of Jimmy as she walks away. Cute smile, photographer, reddish hair, likes to wear bowling shirts. Also, gigantic dork. "What about 'Fiancé'?" Clark asks. Chloe remembers the date and time of the wedding. Clark tells her she sounds like she's reading off a list. He's concerned. She claims she's just distracted. By what? She blames last-minute wedding plans. Clark asks why she closed the bookcase when he walked in. "Research," she says, "therapist-client privilege." Except that Chloe's not a therapist by any stretch of the imagination. Clark sees the remote on the desk. He reaches for it. Chloe gets it first and tells him to "Please, just don't." Chloe makes more lame excuses about the wedding. Clark goes straight to the command center's steel doors and pries them open. Inside, the walls are covered with paper clippings while the monitors each have profiles of the people in Chloe's life, including Bo Duke and MamaKent. I think you can take those down. Chloe says she knows it looks a little weird. It's a little Wall of Weird. Chloe says she's been drawing a few blanks. "A few," Clark says, with disbelief. Chloe says this whole room is like her crib sheet. She comes there to remind herself of how she's connected with people. Clark says there's something seriously wrong with her. Ya think? She says she still remembers Clark. And that's about it. She says she's forgotten almost everyone and is having to fake her feelings with people. She thinks soon there won't be anymore "I, Chloe." Just an I.Q. Clark says they both know what's happening. Chloe, near tears, says she's being taken over by Brainiac. Serious close-up of Clark. Oh yeah, Brainiac! Bad dude. We should do something about that.

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