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Chloe is standing in the dark, still at the newspaper. She sees a shadowy figure walking toward her. We see who it is. "Davis?" she asks. He holds out his hand. Chloe takes it. More flashing of symbols. They stare at each other. As their hands touch, there's a white flash. We return to Chloe lying in the MRI machine. Chloe holds her head in pain. The doctor says her brainwave spiked when they put her in there. Chloe asks where she is. "You don't remember?" the doctor asks. Chloe shakes her head. She says she doesn't remember anything but Davis. "I have to find Davis," she says and starts to get up. Davis!

Commercials. More bars in more places. It's an alcoholic's dream.

Hospital, daytime. Davis comes around the side of his sweet rig, getting his gear in order. Chloe, who didn't have very far to walk, finds him. She throws her arms around him and gives him a huge hug of relief. Davis makes a joke about how the hug is tighter than the tourniquets he ties. Chloe says she's in trouble and needs his help. She says she doesn't remember her own zip code or who her parents are. That's all right. The show also forgot that she has a father named Gabe. Chloe says she only remembers her own name and Davis. Davis asks her to relax and breathe. As Chloe hyperventilates, Davis asks if she might have been in an accident. Chloe doesn't think so. She's got 10 toes, 10 fingers and isn't in any pain. She says her memory's just gone. Davis asks how Chloe knew to find him. She says she's not sure, but he's the only person she still remembers. She says it's like Davis has become her entire world. Wow. Not a good thing to say to someone you're trying to brush off. Davis, to his credit, doesn't take advantage. He says they need to call her friends. Chloe says she can't remember her friends and doesn't trust anyone but him. "I'm so scared! What's happening to me?" she says. Davis says not to worry. He says she's safe. The hug again as Chloe cries and thanks him. He repeats what he said that morning. He tells her he'll always, always be there for her. Big sigh of relief from Chloe.

The Talon apartment. Jimmy is chewing out someone on the phone and threatening lawsuits. Clark, whooshing from outside, enters the apartment. He asks where Chloe went. Jimmy says he took her to the hospital to get an MRI, but the hospital lost her. Why didn't Jimmy stay with her instead of coming back to Smalllville? What the fuck, Jimmy? Jimmy says she ran away as soon as they took her out of the machine. Well, good thing you drove two hours away from where it happened. Clark asks why Jimmy took Chloe out of the barn. Jimmy shoots back, asking why Clark left her alone when her memory was "shedding pounds by the minute." Clark says he went to talk to someone who could help. Vague, Clark. Very vague. He says Chloe was in no condition to make the trip. Jimmy calms down. He says he should never have let her out of his sight. True dat, Jimmy. Clark tries to make Jimmy feel better, telling him it was out of his control. Jimmy worries that she's wandering around alone. He worries they'll never find her. Clark promises they can find her if they work together. What's gonna work? Teamwork! Clark thanks Jimmy just as the big, dumb alien is leaving. Clark nods back.

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