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Send in the Clones

There is indeed a "No trespassing" sign in front of Janitor Dad's house. It's nighttime, and the large home is looking scary as we peer at it over a picket fence. Inside, Clark and Lana have broken and entered. I thought the girl's dad was living in Grandville now. Yet there are still working lamps and electricity in this house. As Clark and Lana look around with flashlights, we hear a girl's voice say "You're my best friend!" several times. They climb down some stairs to investigate. They walk through a door and find a fully-decked-out little girl's room. Stuffed animals, stuff on shelves. Clark finds a film projector, which presumably was showing the home movies. "This must be what you saw at the Talon," Clark says. Isn't this 16mm film? It wouldn't be the same film format as that used in a real theater, would it? A totally scary doll turns its head and says, "You're my best friend!" Heebie! Jeebies! Lana grabs the doll. "Who needs human companionship when you can have a Gabby Abby?" Lana asks. Or a Loopy Lana. Lana -- wearing all blue, with even a blue scarf -- notices a diary on a little tea table. Lana says she remembers the book. It was given to the little girl when she was nine. Lana flips through the diary. The last entry says, "Monday. I hope it does'nt [sic] rain tomorrow. Lana and I are going to the river. We are going to be best friends forever." There's a little drawing of a bunny. Lana reads it out loud. The next page holds a photo of the two girls. Clark looks around the room. He x-rays a set of shelves. He notices some flickering lights behind it. Ooh, a secret passageway! Clark moves the shelves and finds some sort of security system. Lana doesn't even notice, so Clark has to call her over. Clark pulls open the lock. They go down another set of stairs, flashlights in hand. They find a very elaborate underground lab, containing what appears to be Michael Jackson's last three beds, each with its own set of flashing lights in the front. The blue-lit chambers are frozen. Clark wipes away some frost, and sees that inside one of the chambers is a little Creepy Little Crazy Girl with a tube in her nose. The other two chambers contain identical girls. Lana looks into one of the others and a girl's eyes open up. Lana screams, backs up, and knocks over a bunch of glass canisters of green goo. Clark tries to come over, but he has an allergic reaction. Crazy music plays. Lana watches the little girl in one of the chambers as her eyes open. Lana comes over to Clark. He suggests that they get out of there. They do, without taking any photos or gathering any evidence of the lab's existence. Just so you know.

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