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Send in the Clones

Commercials! Wait, they used makeup in the movie Chicago? Oh, I just don't believe that.

Kent kitchen. Lana and Clark have told the Kents the story. Bo Duke is glad they called the police. "He's trying to clone his daughter?" MamaKent asks. Way to stay ahead of the game there, Ma. Bo suggests that somebody had to pay a lot of money for all of this. It's all about money to you, isn't it, Bo? Clark says that the Janitor Dad was even trying to give a clone the same memories as his dead daughter. "That little girl must be so confused," Lana says. And the Understatement of the Year Award goes to... Lana feels guilty that she scared the girl away. She puts on her jacket to go find CCLG. Clark says that it's not a good idea. MamaKent suggests that until they know more, Lana should stay with them. Clark shoots MamaKent a glance. Before Lana can decide, there's a knock at the door. Hey! Sheriff Kitty Kitty Bang Bang! She says they followed up on Clark's "story." The sheriff says, with an evil, evil smile, that David Copperfield must have gotten there first. (Maybe he performed his "Tornado of Fire"!) The sheriff isn't annoyed that Clark and Lana broke into the house to find this "lab"?

The next scene is Clark, flashlight in hand, back at the House of Creepy. Where there had been a lab, now there's just a bunch of basement crap. How did they move everything out so fast? It's not like the little fast-moving girl could have hefted all that equipment. Clark finds Creepy Little Crazy Girl on a rocking chair. She's moping that she saw "them." Clark asks if she means the people who moved the equipment. "Sleeping girls," she says. (Shiver.) "Why are they like me?" she asks. She's crying. Clark kneels. He starts to explain. CCLG says that her dad told her she can't remember anything because she had an accident. A scientific accident, yes. Clark tells her she doesn't remember because she didn't write that. "A different Emily wrote that," Clark says. I can't even imagine what's going through her head. The little girl makes the connection that the girl who did write it is the one buried in the cemetery. "This is her story," Clark says, "but you have to write your own." Aw, crap, homework?! Emily asks why her dad lied. Clark says that her dad probably figured telling her the truth would make her feel different. Clark says there's nothing wrong with being different. Why, he's different, too! He says it doesn't change who they are. "Yes it does!" she says, and suddenly zips away.

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