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Send in the Clones

Clark turns around, and there's a light flashing back at him. Why, I know when a mighty beam of white hits Clark in the face. It must be from Lex! Clark asks Lex what he's doing there, waving that big, cylindrical object in his direction. Lex says he might ask the same of Clark. Lex says he met the little girl and was intrigued about her death. Clark asks whether Lex knows anything about the lab that was down there. Lex doesn't know. Clark says that's why Papa Luthor's been refining meteor rock. Lex looks where Clark said the stuff recently was. But never mind all that. They take a brief moment to have a Gayest Look of the Episode. It's quick, but it's potent. Much like Lex. Lex tells Clark that before he left Luthorcorp, Janitor Dad was working on a way to speed up cell growth. He says he could grow a rabbit to adulthood in days. "Using the meteor rocks as Miracle-Gro," Clark says. Oh, man. Clunkiest product placement ever. (Well, apart from "The Talon Mix," at least.) Clark surmises that that's why the girl looks ten years old so quickly. "All ethics aside, it's an astonishing accomplishment," Lex says, as he goes over to Clark. In the dark. Clark is mad that the little girl doesn't know who she is. Oh, emotions. They both look at the empty little rocking chair.

Lana at Clark's house. She's doing homework. Lana hears a noise coming from near the kitchen. Outside, a hanging plant is moving through the window. Lana looks outside. She pulls back a curtain. A shutter closes. Lana jumps. She goes back to her homework. She sits down. CCLG is sitting next to her. The music swells, but Lana doesn't jump that much. The little girl gives Lana a drawing. She smiles. Creepily. Lana tries to talk to the girl. "Are you ready to go to the river?" the girl asks. Lana says not today. The girl zips away and stands, holding her bunny. She asks if Lana doesn't want to be her friend anymore. Lana says she does, but... The little girl wants to race Lana to the river so that things can be like they were before. She zips out and through the back door. Lana follows, grabbing her jacket on the way.

Hospital. Janitor Dad is in bed. Hey, I just realized he's in his natural habitat! The hospital! Hooray for Scrubs. The guy notices Lex walking in and wakes up. Lex is wearing a pink shirt under a suit jacket. Weird. Janitor Dad asks whether Lex is there about CCLG. "She's a remarkable girl," Lex says. CCLG's dad asks if she's been found, and Lex says she hasn't. He says his dad is looking for her, and that she'll never be safe in his care. Lex offers to protect her. Lex asks if CCLG's dad doesn't want CCLG to have a normal life. Her dad says he does, but that the accelerated growth caused severe chromosomal damage. So severe, in fact, that she's not got a blemish on her, huh? The only thing damaged, it seems, is that she has no conscience. "She's dangerous," her dad says.

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