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Kent Farm. The cows moo. With all that movie money, they can afford kick-ass grass now! Clark is still trying to fix that danged tractor. "Help, somebody!" Christina calls. She's standing there holding a gift-wrapped box. "Gotcha," she says, as Clark turns in alarm. Clark asks whether she's considered a career in acting. He stands opposite her, and the height difference is almost comical. Christina wanted to say goodbye. She promises to come back for the sequel, and thanks Clark for showing her that the town had more to offer than a tax break. We see a blurry Lana coming closer in the distance. A cold wind approaches. Christina says that the gift is a little something from the movie: after meeting Clark, Christina's starting to believe heroes really do exist. Clark smiles a tiny bit. Lana appears to scare the wench off. Christina is already walking away as Lana comes near. "There's something special about this one, Lana!," says Christina. "Hold on to him." She gets into her waiting town car. All right, that girl's pretty hot. You go, Christina. As the car goes, Clark tells Lana he hopes the comment about the sequel was a joke. Lana says that she's been thinking about what PA Guy said. Lana doesn't think the guy was completely off. She says that millions of people might look up to Clark instead of Warrior Angel. Clark says that there's not many people in Smallville. Lana says that she wants to grab onto Clark and never let go, but she thinks one day the world will need him more than she does. She says she doesn't want to be the one holding him there. Clark steps forward and says, "I'm not going anywhere." We know, we know! Clark says that, for the first time in his life, he's got everything he wants right front of him. You...selfish bastard! Clark and Lana make googly eyes at each other. She agrees to stay at the farm with him. Lame! Clark opens the silver box with the blue ribbon and red bow. It's TV-wrapped: no tearing of wrapping paper necessary. Clark reads the card inside: "To my hero -- Rachel." Clark takes a red cape out of the box. Foreboding music plays. A breeze flaps the cape. We cut to an overhead shot of Clark going into the house. The cape is flapping on the top of the fence. Nice way to treat your gifts, you big jerkwad. Let's just see if it's still there in a few hours.

Next week: Kara returns to cause more problems for Clark.

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