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Zero To 60 In Three Days

Hey, nice windmill ya got there! Heh. I love that joke. Lana and Evan are way, way up high on a huge windmill. It's got racing stripes. "You're right," Evan tells Lana. "The whole world is right there." Oh, right. You didn't make it to "world" in the encyclopedia. He sees a few trees, some grass, and Metropolis off on the horizon. He says it's beautiful. Lana smiles, because she thinks he's talking about her. She's glad he got a chance to see it. Helicopter shot of the two of them on top of that rig. I imagine Lana's light enough to just blow away with a meager breeze. We cut back to Evan as he starts to glow and buckle in pain. Lana wonders how she could have ever foreseen such an event. Clark suddenly whooshes into the scene and up the windmill, catching Lana as she's about to fall. He tells Lana she has to go. Lana: "No, Clark, we have to help him!" He tells her there's no time, and that she has to go, now. "Clark!" Evan moans. "Go!" Clark yells. Lana climbs down the stairs. Clark holds Evan as he lies down, in pain. Clark says it's all right, and that he's there. Evan says he's sorry for what he said earlier. Clark says it's fine. Evan: "I'm glad it was you and Lana who found me." Aww. Really? I guess the kid doesn't know from the Huxtables. "I think you found us," Clark says. We hear a rumbling. "It's happening!" Evan cries. "I feel it! You'd better go!" Clark refuses. He's not leaving. "I wish you had been my father, Clark," Evan says, and it does indeed pull at the heartstrings. Even my blackened, charred ones. Evan winces. He starts to glow in tie-dyed colors. Clark hugs him. We get an overhead view as Clark's jacket appears to be the size and color of a certain famous cape. Mmm, Cheez Whiz. Lana ducks behind her SUV. The windmill starts to explode. Lots of colorful effects. Then it's over. Lana gets up to see what happened. She calls for Clark. Clark emerges, looking like he just got shot in the face by Daffy Duck. There's smoke everywhere. Lana asks if he's all right. "I got clear, uh, just before," he says. Hey, man. I'm sorry your kid blew up. "Where's Evan?" Lana asks. Clark thinks about that for a minute, and then says, "He's gone." Depressed yet? You're soaking in it.

Kent home at night. I see that windmill again. We crane in through the barn's open window as Clark is moping around and Lana is coming up the stairs. They're going through Evan's tiny assortment of clothes. Lana whispers, "I can't believe he's gone." Lana speechifies that she's felt so disconnected this year. You and us both. She says that when Evan came along she finally felt like she knew where she belongs: "Get me pregnant, Clark!" Not really. Lana actually says she finally had a purpose. After four seasons. Nice. Clark climbs up the old family platitude tree and comes down with "He only lived for a short time, but it seems like Evan's affected us like we've known him our whole lives." Not like the dozens of other people that have come and died on your doorstep. Lana goes deep, saying that we think we have all this time, but we don't. Clark says we should make the most of the time we have left. Wanna get pregnant? Lana picks up the copy of The Velveteen Rabbit. She says it was Evan's favorite book. "Really?" Clark asks. It was his favorite, too, when he read it. Late last year. Clark says he used to pretend he was the rabbit and that his parents had brought him to life with their love. Damn you, show, for making this stuff all mopey with the music and Clark being a little bit cute here. Lana lets her eyes swim in their tears a bit and says that she only hopes Evan felt that way about her and Clark. Clark leans forward, and it looks like they're going to kiss, but they just hug instead. Sad music plays. Lana almost cries.

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