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Zero To 60 In Three Days

Stately Luthor Manor, nighttime. Lex is looking over some papers with Sinclair 2.0 as Clark enters, this time with an escort. Clark thanks Lex for straightening things out with Child Services. Yeah, they don't like it when you take a kid home then tell them that he got blow'd up. "I know you grew pretty tight with him," Lex says. Clark looks like he's about to laugh. Lex says he's making sure Evan's death won't be in vain. He says that their studies could advance research on cancer and aging diseases by hundreds of years. Lex plans to release their findings to every research facility across the globe. Even the ones that only study carbs? Lex says that Evan's life might offer hope for generations. Clark is beaming. Clark says that Evan was special. He wonders what kind of man he would have become. Lex says a good one. And he knows from good men. He says that Evan would have been great with Clark in his life, and that Clark will be a great dad someday. Lex's daddy. It's the Gayest Look of the Episode. "So will you, Lex," Clark says. Wanna get pregnant? Lex says he doesn't know about that; he says that Clark got support and love as child, but that Lex got the opposite growing up. "I plan on leaving a different kind of legacy," Lex warns. Lex says he's going to get back to work. By the fireplace. With Sinclair 2.0. Clark thanks Lex again. They shake hands. Clark leaves the room. Saucily, Sinclair 2.0 comes up to Lex and asks if he's sure he wants to release the findings. Lex thinks about it and says, coolly, "Eventually." But I guess Clark's superhearing didn't pick that up. Brooding music plays. We go to the title card.

Next week: torture, kidnapping and possibly death! That'll be a nice change of pace for this show, huh?

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