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It's a Wonderful Life (But Not Such a Wonderful Show)

Lex suddenly points a gun and fires. It looks like Kara might have been shot, but instead the camera moves to Clark, who looks down at his stomach. There's a bullet hole there. This isn't even Clark's suit! Jimmy's roommate is gonna be so pissed off. You truly do not care for mankind or roommates, do you, Lex? Clark jams his fingers into the wound, which can't feel great, and holds up his bloody fingers. You shot me! Asshole! We zoom to the barrel of the gun. Lex fires again and we see a slow-motion Kryptonite bullet get fired from the gun. It's even got little Kryptonite wings. The second bullet hits Clark in the left shoulder and that one takes him down. Kara tries to help Clark as he writhes and grunts. She asks Lex what he's done. Were you not watching? It was pretty hardcore. Kara stands. Lex is pointing the gun at her. Lex says that he always thought he might have to protect himself from Kara someday. He says he's sorry that day has finally come. He shoots Kara in the left shoulder. She falls on the presidential seal. Hey, try not to get any alien blood on that, all right sis? Clark calls for Kara. "You were supposed to be by my side forever," Lex tells her. He still hasn't put down the gun. SoFine and some aides walk into the room. SoFine is completely unsurprised by what's going on. Lex finally lays the gun down on the desk. SoFine tells the agents to take "Miss Danvers" to the chopper and to get her medical attention. He hands them a set of Kryptonite restraints. He tells them to keep her handcuffed at all times. Kara is carried away. SoFine asks Lex if he's all right as he rests the nuclear football briefcase on the desk. "Let's do this," Lex says. Ew. Right here in front of the Kryptonian? Really? OH! The briefcase! Right! That's exactly what I was thinking, too. Clark, sweaty, tells Lex not to do this. He says it's not too late. Brainiac/SoFine opens up to the briefcase. It sure is fancy, with all kinds of cool buttons, a cell phone and a screen built into it. "The future is yours, Mr. President," Brainiac says. Lex has his thumbprint read. A code is generated: "AFA6404." Clark asks him not to do this. Lex grabs the RAZR-like cell phone from inside the case. "On my mark," he says. He reads, "Alpha, foxtrot, alpha, six-four-zero-four." Lex confirms the code. "Stop! This is insane!" Clark yells. Lex says, "Initiate launch." Brainiac tells Lex that the team will assemble at NORAD. He says he'll deal with the intruder. As Lex exits through the double doors, Brainiac tells the president will be taken to Air Force One. Brainiac closes the door.

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