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It's a Wonderful Life (But Not Such a Wonderful Show)

We see missiles taking off from behind Kansas fields. Back in the mansion, Brainiac tells Clark that he's not going to keep him from doing the task that he was programmed for. He picks up the gun. "Zod is still alive," Clark says. Brainiac says that he's still trapped in the Phantom Zone. Brainiac says that once the humans are gone, he'll use Kara to release Zod through her Fortress. Why is Brainiac wasting time telling Kal-El the plan? Clark thinks Kara will never go along with it. Brainiac observes that she didn't look like she had much fight left in her. He says she'll live; she's healthy. He says Lex Luthor will be the vessel. Brainiac says that together, they'll repopulate the planet and Krypton will rise again. He aims the gun at the camera. We shift views to see Clark lying at his feet.

Meanwhile... a nuclear holocaust. Terminator 3 footage. Blast, blast, blast.

We come back to see Brainiac deliver this line in Jarnelle's voice: "You cannot change the course of history, Kal-El." He fires the gun and everything goes white.

We see Clark in a chamber surrounded by flashing blue light. It creates a prism effect. Jarnelle's voice says, "You disappoint me, my son." You said you would be home by midnight, and it is clearly 1:15 AM! What does the word "Curfew" mean to you? He says Clark can't question his destiny on this planet. Clark asks if Jarnelle was trying to show him what would happen if he hadn't existed here. Jarnelle says that the disc in Clark's hand revealed the consequences of his misguided intentions. "I was forced to show you the error of your ways." It's always worst-case-scenario with you, isn't it, dad? Mr. Dramatic-El! He says he sent Clark to Earth for one purpose, and it can't be taken lightly. "Send me back!" Clark says. Jarnelle tells Clark he has to stop Brainiac from changing history and taking Clark's life. "You cannot fail. This time, there will be no second chances," he says. Hear that, Clark? Don't fuck up!

Clark suddenly appears in front of Chloe, back at the barn. She asks what just happened. She hugs him. She says she thought he was gone forever, but now he's perfectly fine. Clark grabs Chloe by the arms and tells her there's still time. "I have to make it right," he says. Make it sparkly. "I have to go to Krypton," he says. Take a jacket! Oh, you already have one. Good, then.

Floating out in space, we see a giant, glowing red sun and a golf ball-looking small blue planet emerge from behind.

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