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It's a Wonderful Life (But Not Such a Wonderful Show)

Flyover of the sign at The Daily Planet. Nighttime. Clark sits at a computer looking at medical research. Lois walks up and sees him. She says this is a new side of Clark: "Mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper." Is it really so great anymore with Lex in charge? Clark tells her not to worry: "I'm not after your job." He says he's borrowing the database. Jimmy logged him in on Lois's computer. She asks what he's working on. Clark is at a site called "ComaSource" looking at brain scans. Clark thinks there must be someone out there who can help Lana. Lois sits on the desk and says that after all her years of watching Dr. Phil, she should know the perfect thing to say. (Does she ever?) She says she doesn't do well with sad. Clark says it's all right. Lois says it's not. She says Clark was there when she needed a shoulder to cry on. She says she's blowing it. Lois says she wishes she could make everything all right. Clark is touched. He says she's a good friend. Lois punches him in the arm just as things start to get awkward. She asks why they don't go get a brew. "You look like you could use one," she says. Clark's eyebrows rise. She puts an arm around him as they walk out of the newsroom. "Check your driver's license," she says, "we're legal now." Clark says he's not really into the nightlife scene. Lois says she'll take that as a challenge. She offers to buy the first round. The camera pulls back on the empty newsroom. A Daily Planet logo spins on a computer screen.

Kent kitchen, nighttime. Kara, wearing a very tight white halter top, is going to the fridge to get some milk. She opens the lid and is about to drink from the jar (guess they didn't teach you manners on Krypton), when suddenly her head hurts. She gasps and drops the milk, which splashes everywhere. She writhes on the floor. The Strings of Terror play loudly as she gasps and breathes heavily, surrounded by spilt milk. Terror! We go to black.

Next week: Clark gets all spiritual? Also, in case you haven't heard, Michael Rosenbaum says he's not coming back for Season Eight. We'll be saying bye-bye soon.

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