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It's a Wonderful Life (But Not Such a Wonderful Show)

Fly-over of Smallville. It's the first time we've seen a view like this in a while. We cut to a street view, where there seems to be a lot more activity than normal. Clark spots Chloe coming out of a building that might be The Talon. The man she's with runs inside the building to get something. Clark (the one and only Kryptonian version from here on out) goes to her as she's looking at flowers. He pretends to have been part of the Smallville High Class of '05, even though that's no longer true. Chloe says her inner database is coming up empty. I don't think Chloe would have forgotten the name of one of her classmates. "Do I know you?" she asks. He introduces himself as Clark Kent and tells her he was a bit of an outsider. Like outside of existence. He says he's trying to find a mutual friend: Lana Lang. "Uh, the cheerleader?" Chloe asks. She didn't really know Lana and lost track of her after graduation. Clark asks if Chloe could use her investigative skills from The Torch to help him track Lana down. Just then, Chloe's man comes and joins her. Heeeeeyyy. He's quite the hot one. It turns out Chloe has some wedding planning to do. The guy is her fiancé. The guy says the wedding's on Sunday. We flash to Chloe's small, but cute, engagement ring. Clark congratulates her. He says that's great. Chloe's dad (Gabe!) apparently just called and is waiting at the tuxedo shop. Chloe apologizes for not helping. She goes off with her man. She says she hopes Clark finds Lana. "Chloe," Clark says, stopping her, "I'm really happy for you." Chloe smiles back and thanks him. Well, that's one life Clark didn't completely fuck up. Maybe we should be keeping score.

Daily Planet. The building is still in the glorious dark shadow of the LuthorCorp building. We cut to the inside, where the camera is squarely focused on a Daily Planet logo up on the wall. It then loses focus to track the view of Jimmy Olsen, who is looking through the viewfinder of his camera. He focuses on Lois Lane, who, ponytailed, walks through the newsroom with more confidence than usual. Jimmy's view is obstructed by some sort of big, dumb object, almost a.... oh, hi, Clark! "Nice bowtie," Clark says. Indeed, Jimmy is wearing an old-man's choker. As Jimmy tries to look over Clark's shoulder, he says it was a present from an old girlfriend. Jimmy says the girl took his heart away, but left him with a sense of style. It doesn't look like it was a fair trade. Clark asks if he's THE Jimmy Olsen, the photographer. He lies that every time he sees a photo in the paper he likes, it was taken by Jimmy. Jimmy, flattered, says he wishes Clark was his editor. He says the woman who edits him thinks he has focus issues. "She should check her eyesight," Clark advises. Jimmy chuckles. He asks if Clark works there. Clark says he doesn't, but was hoping the Daily Planet archives could help him find an old girlfriend he lost. Jimmy offers to help a "Loyal fan." Jimmy logs into his laptop, which looks like it's situated at Chloe's regular desk. He asks Clark for a name. It's "Lana Lang." Jimmy finds her, almost instantly. "Uh oh," Jimmy says. Tragedy! Yay! Jimmy tells Clark to brace himself. Clark, worried, asks if she's all right. After high school, Lana went to France to study at the Sorbonne and hooked up with a French philanthropist named Pierre Rousseau (a bit similar to Pete Ross, huh?). They got married and had two kids. They live in Paris. Jimmy says he's sorry to Clark. "Best news I ever heard," Clark says. He's really smiling. "I just want her to be happy," Clark says. He thanks Jimmy.

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