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It's a Wonderful Life (But Not Such a Wonderful Show)

Lois opens up a closet. She says Jimmy's roommate is about Clark's size. Clark says they don't have time for this. "Then stop standing around," she says, "strip." I can't believe how much less annoying Lois is when she actually knows what she's talking about. Lois leaves the room after Clark gives her a look. She tells him that Armageddon's on the way and it's no time to be modest. She waits outside the room for like five seconds. An evil grin spreads on her face. She's about to peek in the door, but Clark opens it, already fully dressed. Hey, man, nice suit! Lois plays off her dirty near-action as Clark squints at her. "Well done," she tells him. She gives Clark her press badge. "Lois Lane?" he asks. Lois suggests Clark tell people it's a typo. He's Louis Lane. Lois looks Louis over. She says something's missing.

We cut to Luthor Mansion where Clark enters a hallway with several other reporters. He pushes up on his nose a pair of large, thick-framed glasses. Nerd alert! Clark sees some aides setting up for the press conference. He takes off his glasses in order to use his superhearing, for some reason. He overhears Lex and Kara walking. Lex is mad at her for letting Lois get away, despite Kara's abilities. Lex thinks that she's turning on him after all these years of being together. Kara says that Lex is like her brother. She says she'll always be loyal to him. Lex says that letting Lois get away is an odd way of showing it. Kara warns Lex that his real enemy is Milton SoFine. Lex slowly turns on her. "Really? My closest adviser? The man who got me elected?" Kara says Lex didn't get there alone. She reminds him that she used every ability she has to get him what he wanted. Lex says that all he wants is for mankind to reach its potential. He says they're so close, but Kara betrayed him when he needed her the most. "I've already seen one planet destroyed!" she says desperately, "I'm not gonna let it happen again." Kara pulls a piece of paper out of her suit. She says it's the document Lois found: SoFine approving the false missile information. Lex examines the sheet. "There are no missiles threatening us," she tells him. Lex thinks it's not betrayal he's getting from Kara now; it's just lack of faith. Lex pulls out a lighter and destroys the paper. Lex says that SoFine was following his orders. "You disappoint me, Kara," Lex says. He says that after all his family has done, she's not backing him. "It's only because I care about you!" she says. Lex says that since the day his father found her ship submerged in Reeves Dam, he treated her like his own daughter. Lex says Papa Luthor died protecting her secret. Kara starts to argue, but Lex barks, "What do you know about protecting this country? You are an alien! I am the President of the United State of America!" Kiss me! He says he's ensuring our survival by striking first. Lex says we will prevail. As he's talking, Kara lowers her eyes. "Look at me!" he yells. He says he expects her to stand by his side. With a bit of attitude, she says, "Of course, Mr. President." SoFine is in the room. He says the press has gathered and Lex has two minutes. Lex tells Kara one last thing before he goes: that great leaders are defined by the difficult decisions they make. As Lex is going, SoFine puts a hand on Lex's back and gives him a pep talk. He says history shall forever remember Lex's name. And that name will be remembered as, "Lex, that Fucking Scumbag We All Hate." SoFine gives Kara a dirty look.

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