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Chick-Magnet Of The Sea

Kent farm. Barn. Clark is going over financial reports from LuthorCorp. He actually looks studious, for once. He hides what he's doing when he hears someone coming up the very last steps of the stairs. Nice superhearing, Clark. It's Lois. She jokes that in her first week of college, she only read the Bartender's Guide -- the CliffsNotes version. Lois says she knows things got weird with Aquadude. Clark says he was looking out for her. She appreciates it; she's never had someone help her through the "shark-infested waters of romance." Is this over yet? Please? Clark admits that he might have been wrong about Aquadude. He says that the guy was misguided, but that his heart was in the right place. Lois, who has no idea what went down, just agrees and says he was unique. Lois says she's known a lot of guys who want to own the world, but not very many who want to save it. Clark squints at her as super music plays. Lois walks away and asks how she'll ever meet someone like that again. Clark: "Lois, I promise someday you'll meet someone even more special." And you'll kick them in the balls. The camera pans away from them as Clark puts his hand on her shoulder. Cut to black.

PSA. Annette O'Toole says: "Last year, we lost a true visionary. Christopher Reeve's courage inspired the world. In his honor, the Christopher Reeve Foundation has launched the Superman tags. By purchasing these $10 tags online, you'll help realize Christopher's dream of finding a cure for paralysis. Go forward." The tag is indeed a silver tag with "Go Forward" and the Superman logo on one side and "Christopher Reeve Foundation" inscribed on the other side. The phone number is 800.225.0292 and the site is

Next week: blood-sucking vampires. And the former Spike says, "There's no such thing as vampires." Let's hope it doesn't suck in the bad way.

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