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The Big, Gay Cold Shoulder

Chloe and Clark are suddenly at Isis. Chloe is showing Clark what she found on the National Transportation Safety Board mainframe, which she used all her skills to hack into. Chloe found that the flight plan scheduled Teague's plane to end up in Buenos Aires. She tells Clark that something shot out of the back of the cabin like a missile after the plane was only in the air for about an hour. Chloe says they found the black box and she was able to download the audio. They listen. A pilot shouts. Banging. Chloe couldn't get anything more than noise out of the audio beyond that. Clark asks her to play it again. He uses his super hearing. The room gets bright as Clark concentrates. He hears some of Kara's dialogue. Chloe asks what she was doing with Edward Teague. Clark doesn't know, but he heard her threaten to take the plane down. I guess that wasn't so much a threat as a declaration of a true fact. Chloe knows Kara can be reckless when she's angry. She thinks maybe Kara was looking out for Clark. Clark thinks it must be something else. "She's not a killer," he says. Chloe says she's a fan of Kara, too, but that it sounds like she caused the crash. Chloe reminds Clark that he once said every Kryptonian he's met has turned out to be a cold-blooded killer. Clark turns on Chloe, annoyed. He says he knows Kara. "She's my cousin!" he announces. My brother from another mother! The chocolate to my peanut butter cup! The wind beneath my...oh yeah, I can't fly. Never mind. He says again that she's not a killer. Chloe wants to believe that. Clark asks if there's any more audio. Clark hears something in the next piece that Chloe plays. He says Kara's going after Lex.

Commercials. Old Navy dresses better than you.

Stately Luthor Manor. Kara, wearing her tight blue sweater of badassitude, emerges from the Lair of Lex and walks into the hallway. She X-rays the hallway, but we don't actually see that special effect because the budget's tight and we needed money for a cake at the season wrap party. Kara walks to a large painting of clouds (clouds, Lex? Really?). This time we really do see the X-ray vision. The 20-Sided Purple Die of Doom is inside a safe behind the painting. Kara swings the painting open (it's got a hinge, which is optional on all masterpieces) and easily opens the safe. Lex had a custom little trampoline stand made for the purple orb. Aw, Lex. How sweet. Kara tries to take it, but as her hand hovers over the thing, it begins to glow. She withdraws her paw, unable to deal with the awesome power of someone rolling a natural 20. It stops glowing when she pulls her hand away. She closes the safe angrily. Stupid 20-sided die! I hate you, Dungeons & Dragons! Dorks! Kara is about to storm off angrily, but Clark is standing at the opposite end of the hallway, wearing his dumb red jacket. "Do you need a Dungeon Master?" He asks what she's doing here. Admiring crappy, hinged, safe-concealing artwork. You? She walks toward Clark and says she's trying to protect him. "By threatening to kill Edward Teague?" he asks. Oh, she did a lot more than threaten. Oh yes. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! EEEEVIL! Clark says he heard the recording and that those men are dead. He asks her to tell him that she's not responsible for their deaths. I would love to tell you that, but it would be a waste of both our times and we know there are no episodes left. Kara, wavering, says it was Teague's fault. "If he hadn't gone after The Traveler, he'd still be alive." Are you sure it's wise to have this conversation in Lex Luthor's house where he has security cameras everywhere? Clark grabs Kara by the elbow. "We need to talk," he says.

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