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The Big, Gay Cold Shoulder

We see the shapes of Clark and Kara whoosh toward the farm, along the countryside. In the barn, Kara tells Clark to let go of her. Clark says he was worried about Kara, but maybe he should have been worried about everyone else instead. He asks if she's come into contact with some red Kryptonite, like a ring or a necklace. "I stopped wearing jewelry," she says. But no explanation as to why. She tries to walk past Clark, but he stops her. He asks if anything weird happened on Krypton while she was there. Besides the planet blowing up? "I'm fine, Kal-El," she says. She walks again and Clark grabs her by the arm once more. Clark says three people are dead because of her. Kara says that if someone figures out a way to control Clark, a lot more will get iced. She says Clark would be the most powerful weapon on the planet. Clark says nobody's going to control him anytime soon. I mean, we have like 35 minutes left, at least! Chill! Clark thinks Lex didn't find what he was looking for. Kara asks if he really thinks that's going to stop him. "Get your head out of the clouds," she advises. Clark still thinks something's wrong with her. He wants her to stay until they figure it out. Kara says that Clark can turn a blind eye, but she's going to do whatever it takes to save the Earth. She tries to fly off, but Clark grabs her by the ankle. She hovers in the air awkwardly, one fist pointed to the sky. She spins and kicks Clark in the face, sending him flying across the barn. He smashes part of the stairs on his way and lands in some hay. Hay! Kara, of course, has flown away. And Clark can't fly. Sorry, Clark.

Metropolis. Jimmy is at the Ace of Clubs, which looks as awful and annoying as usual. Lois is there, looking through some notes. I just don't see this as Lois's kind of place. It seems way too hip for her and I can see her just being insufferable about everyone who patronizes the bar. Jimmy tells Lois that the newspaper may not be as hip, but that her desk is still in the bullpen. Lois, drinking a soda from a glass bottle, makes the excuse that she doesn't want to be across the street working on Lex's secret in the building where he signs her checks. She says that this place, by the way, has an epic happy hour. She must have found that out when she took Clark out for a beer. Jimmy says he's found out something about Lex's mystery arctic expeditions. Lois looks around to make sure nobody's listening, but only looks in one direction. She pulls Jimmy aside, leaving her notes all over the table for anyone to peruse, and tells him that either Lex's is planning a hostile takeover of Santa's workshop (No! Please, God, no!) or that he's doing something illegal. "What's the scoop?" Jimmy says Lex is up there looking for new places to drill oil. "What?" she barks. She asks where Jimmy found that out. Jimmy lies, badly, that he heard a reporter talking about it on the third floor. "Who?" Lois asks. Jimmy says he overheard it and can't remember who said it. Lois examines Jimmy's face. Jimmy hands over the folder Lex gave him. Lois looks through it and falls for the bait. She asks how Jimmy managed to score such top-secret stuff. Jimmy says that Lex was having stuff processed and printed in the photo lab and he took what was there. So. Many. Holes. Don't even know where to begin. Jimmy's a bad liar, Lois is an idiot and this scene is just melting my brain. Jimmy tries to flatter Lois by saying that he took the opportunity to steal the info, just like Lois taught him. Lois makes nice with Jimmy, saying that she's been treating him badly lately. Jimmy says it's no big deal. She smacks him on the arm with the folder and says he's got more game then she thought. Ugh. Jimmy has "game." As she walks away, Jimmy smiles nauseously and sighs.

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