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The Big, Gay Cold Shoulder

Lair of Lex. Lex walks in to find Kara sitting in his chair at the desk. She's facing away from him, staring at the big stained glass window. "Kara?" he asks, surprised. She notes the little "V" with the stars and says it must have something to do with Veritas. Lex pretends he doesn't know what she's talking about. Kara asks why people seem to suffer from amnesia whenever she asks about it. You seem to be the expert on amnesia. Why don't you tell us? Lex doesn't answer. Kara stands. She reminds Lex that Veritas was formed to control a powerful alien from another planet. Still no answer from Lex. She says that "Veritas" also means "Truth." She asks for some now. She says she knows about Dr. Swann, the transmissions and the device that can control The Traveler. Lex asks how she heard about that. She says that she and The Traveler are from the same planet. It's called Gaywad. You should come. All over the planet. Lex is doubtful. "You don't believe me," she says. She eyejaculates two small fireballs toward the fireplace, setting it ablaze. Lex is breathless and impressed. Kara smiles sexily at him. "The dam. You were the one who saved me," Lex says. He asks why she kept denying it and why she's telling him now. Kara says she saved him for a reason. She thinks it's Lex's destiny to defeat The Traveler. She wants him to use the device. Lex asks why she doesn't just take the device and use it herself. She says that only a human can use it to save the human race. It's got human cooties. Lex says it showed him coordinates in the arctic. "Directions to his Fortress," she says, "you need to take it there to control The Traveler." Lex says that his teams disappeared trying to get there. She takes both of his hands. They frame the fireplace in profile. She says the teams didn't have a Kryptonian helping them get there. Lex says she's talking about destroying one of her own kind. She says she always thought The Traveler was good and that he believes that himself. But when she went home to Krypton, she learned that he won't save mankind. He'll only destroy it. Lex wants to believe. "Who it it?" he asks. Kara asks, "Don't you already know?" Lex looks away, deep in thought. Oh, come on. Search your pants, Lex. The answer is there.

Commercials. The Dark Knight. Wow, wow, wow. Now there's a superhero who's not all mopey.

Kent Farm. The cows cannot wait for this damn season to be over. They're taking a vacation to the bovine area of Cabo San Lucas, Cowbo. Inside the house, Clark sits on the living room couch, grimly holding beneath his fingers a small lead box. Chloe comes in through the front door and sees that he's "breaking out the heavily artillery." She says it's not every day you see Clark Kent clutching a box of Kryptonite. Or a pocketful, which is what 4 out of 5 Spin Doctors recommend. Clark says this is the only way to stop her. Chloe guesses their chat didn't go so well. Clark, looking out the window plaintively, says that Kara believes he'll be used as a weapon and that he's not doing enough to stop it. Kara and Teague both seemed to believe this. Maybe they have a point, Clark? Just maybe? "What if she's right?" he asks. What if I am a big, pretty missile? Chloe says that Kara is a lot of things: "Reckless, headstrong, possibly psychotic..." but that she's wrong about Clark. Chloe says that Clark has done everything to stop Veritas and more. Well, not really. He hasn't incapacitated Lex in any way. Clark blinks. He picks up the lead box. Clark says that Chloe is the only person who can help him. "I'm always here for you, Clark," she says. Clark insists that Chloe won't be alone. He'll be there by her side when Kara arrives. Whoah, whoah, whoah, what's the plan? Chloe says that if Clark is going to use this kind of weaponry, he can't shoot himself in the foot. She says it'll take out any Kryptonian in the room and that Clark can't be around when she lifts the lid. She wants to do this herself. Yeah, cool, good luck with that. Later!

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