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Oh My Zod!

Crater. Clark walks up to the edge. There's a huge wedge in the ground, but the ship is gone.

LuthorCorp headquarters. We pan along the ceiling of a long steel corridor. The Depeche Mode song is in full effect and sounds great here. Two men in suits guard a door at the end of the hall. We sail through a small square window. Inside, the black ship is propped up. Below it, there's a gooey pile of black oil. It moves, forming coils along the ground. The coils rejoin and bubble. The bubbles form into jagged black crystals that rise up and form into a human body. The human shape turns around. It's James Marsters! With short brown hair. Creeeeeepy. We go out on that.

A title card reads, "In Memory of SAM LOEB (1988-2005). A True Superboy." Sam Loeb was the son of Smallviller Jeph Loeb and was himself a promising and talented writer. He passed away in June after a battle with cancer. We wish the Loeb family the very best and offer our deepest sympathies.

In the coming weeks: Clark and it? Lois the stripper? Clark dies? I'm willing to bet that last one doesn't really happen. See you next week, true believers.

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