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Lex, Scrambled

Lex in captivity. He's bruised about the face, and chin-strapped in on a grisly-looking torture bed. His head is a conduit for wires and plates. An older-looking doctor is making diode adjustments. "Please. I'll pay you whatever you want," whimpers Lex. He tells the doctor that he'll never have to work another day in his life. "He doesn't want your money, son," says a certain Magnificent Bastard, who has been lurking in the shadows in his bastardous fashion. "He wants to make it better," says Papa Luthor. It looks like this procedure (fine, I'm calling it that too, now) is taking place in a spaceship escape pod. Papa Luthor tells Lex to be strong. "Liar!" growls Lex. Papa Luthor says he's sorry as Lex struggles and the doctor shoves a mouthguard into Lex's maw. Papa Luthor says he didn't want it to come to this. He says that if it was a gangrenous limb, they could just amputate. But that brain, ah the's infinitely more complex. Lex tries to say "don't do this" through his mouthpiece. Overhead shot of Lex flailing. The current begins.

We dissolve to Clark on his stretcher, and the way it was superimposed on Lex's scene, it almost could have been a 69. Almost. Supernerd is getting impatient to get started. He asks Tool Boy where his better half went. Tool Boy, buttoning up his scrubs, says it's easier to break two people out than three. Supernerd takes out the Kryptonite and holds it between his and Clark's hands. Tool Boy throws a huge, unlabeled lever on the wall. Green lightning, electricity, sparks.

We cut to Lex's brain-fry room. The lights suddenly go out. Papa Luthor asks what's happening. The doctor says they don't have any power. Papa tells him to fix it.

Back in the powers-switching room, Supernerd and Clark are both thrown backward, and land on the floor. Supernerd tosses his glasses aside, and we hear them shatter. What, no CGI shatter effect for that? Supernerd and Tool Boy hover over Clark. "Feel any different?" asks Tool Boy. Supernerd flexes his hand and answers that by casually tossing Clark across the room. Not only did he steal Clark's powers, he also stole the "whoosh!" sound effect. Clark lands on a big metal box that crumples, even under his now-normal body. Close-up on Clark's face. His cheek is bleeding. Supernerd zips over, picks up Clark, and welcomes him to normalcy. He slides Clark across the floor toward some bowling pin-like tubes of compressed gas. Clark should be dead by now with all this head trauma. Instead, he just moans. Supernerd stalks over to inflict more revenge, but Tool Boy tries to stop him and says that they need to get out of there. The two start arguing like the little prison bitches they are, while Clark eyes the Kryptonite rock on the floor next to him. "We're a team. I thought we were friends," pleads Tool Boy. "There's no such thing as friends in here," says Supernerd. He gives Tool Boy the back of his hand, sending him flying through a sheet-metal column. Clark grabs the Kryptonite and yells, "Hey! Izzat all you got?" Supernerd punches a metal column, just to show he can dent it, and then rushes over to offer Clark a special deal on All New Pain. Clark holds up the Kryptonite like he's Van Helsing with a cross. Supernerd winces. "Who's afraid to use their [sic] powers now?" Clark asks. These guys really need to go to Witty Retort Academy. Clark shoulder-tackles Supernerd into a big electric box, and sparks fly. There's green-glowing lightning. I think it's time for a superpower withdrawal. Clark throws the convenient lever next to him.

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