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Lex, Scrambled

Stately (but sad) Luthor Manor. Lemonade is served at the bar as Clark walks in. He's led in by a sad, stocky Asian man in an Asian Houseboy outfit. Without a word, Lex beckons Clark to enter. Clark asks Lex how he's doing. He says he's actually feeling great. He holds Clark's hands. "Never better," he says. Lex, neutered, says that Clark came to visit him at the asylum, and he wasn't a very cordial host. "If that's true. I'm sorry," says Lex. Clark looks pained. He asks if Papa Luthor told Lex why he was committed. Lex says he was told he had a psychotic break, stemming from his island trauma, and that he's glad his father recognized it in time. LobotoLex! Nooooo! Clark says he's glad, too. Lex asks if there was something Clark wanted to tell him. Clark says there wasn't. Check it out: Lex is totally faking and giving Clark a chance to reveal his secret on his own. When he doesn't, Lex is going to be on the Highway to Hate. But then you probably already guessed that. Clark says it's good to have Lex back. He starts to walk away. Lex stops him by saying there is one thing he'll never forget. "What's that?" Clark asks. "How important your friendship is to me," Lex says. Awwww. Lex gives Clark a half-closed-eyes hug. Clark gives in to the healing power of the HoYay. It's delicious.

Kent Farm kitchen. MamaKent puts her hand on Clark's and says she's sorry. Clark looks really bitter. Bo says that Lex is all right, and that Clark's secret is safe. Yeah, but he lost The Sexy. What in the world is worth that? Clark is mad that Papa Luthor got away with murder if Lex was right. Clark doesn't see what the point would have been of telling Lex, post-recovery. Bo says he doesn't want Clark and Chloe to "take up this charge." As if he's in a whole different show or movie, Clark says, "Someone's gotta make Lionel Luthor pay for his crime." Bo says that someone will, but not today. Bo says it's shitty, but that there are people out there more powerful than Clark. Clark sighs, nods, and walks away. He mopes over to the living room. Hey, now would be a perfect time to talk about love! MamaKent takes her cue and goes over to her broken-hearted son. Clark says he envies Lex: He seems so happy. Clark says he wishes he could erase the last few months of his life. MamaKent puts her arm around Clark and says she heard they're having a Welcome Back party for Lana. Ew. She advises Clark to go. "You never quit, do you?" asks Clark. MamaKent says it's called Tough Love. I call it hella annoying.

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