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Lex, Scrambled

Papa Luthor is at a laptop, watching some security footage from when Clark went to visit Lex at Belle Reve. You can faintly hear Lex say the word "secret." Papa Luthor keeps rewinding and watching, but he can't make out the audio. "Why didn't you show me this sooner?" Papa Luthor asks a lackey in a white shirt and tie. The guy says he's been working to enhance the audio all week. Papa Luthor yells in frustration. He's not pleased. The camera pulls back within Papa's office as he continues trying to decipher the muddled sound from the security-camera clip.

Oh, crappy, strummy alt-rock. How I sort of didn't miss you during the long holiday break. Clark walks in to The Talon, where a banner reads, "Welcome Home Lana." Who threw the party? Chloe? People we don't know are milling about. Clark walks in hesitantly. Everything is slow motion. The song, by Staind, grates. Clark sees Lana talking to Chloe and Pete. They're talking and laughing. Clark is "so far away." Blegh. Clark sees Lana's leg brace and her cane as she walks toward him. Lana spots Clark. Long stares. A blonde girl starts talking to Lana, and she effectively ignores Clark and walks off. Clark takes the hint and slow-motion-walks his ass out of there. Long shot of Lana looking sad. Because even when it's a whole episode about Lex, it's really just about Lana. And don't you fucking forget it.

Next week: Clark becomes Blind Lemon Wuss. Will he still be able to love?

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