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Lex, Scrambled

Metropolis flyover. Papa Luthor and Doctor Unamused are walking down a hallway when she says she's not comfortable proceeding with a procedure. Papa Luthor says he's let her do drug therapy for a month, and not only is Lex's memory intact, but he tried to escape. "I can't afford to waste any more time," says Papa Luthor, as they walk into his sleek office. Doctor Unamused says that the procedure Papa Luthor wants is draconian and only has about a 50% success rate. She says it leaves the other half with irreparable brain damage. Has Clark already had this done? "No risk. No reward," Papa Luthor tells her. Doctor Unamused is unamused. She says that performing this on someone who doesn't need it is unconscionable. Maybe she should change her name to Doctor Unconscionable. Papa says she's experimented with it before. Hey, that was back in college in the '60s. Everybody was experimenting. Papa Luthor says they had an agreement, and strongly suggests that she keep her part of it. He commands her to start the procedure immediately. The doctor is conflicted. And unamused.

The newsroom at The Torch. Chloe walks in carrying a stack of folders. She sees Clark working at her computer in the dark. She turns on a light and says that's bad for his eyes. He might only be able to start small forest fires if they were damaged. She asks what he's up to. Clark says he's trying to prove that Lex doesn't belong in Bellevue. "Bellevue"? It thought it "Belle Reve." Chloe asks what he found. Clark says he has Lex's medical records. He has what? How illegal is this? And how did he just happen to come across those records? Why isn't somebody putting Clark in handcuffs? Is anybody as outraged as I am? Clark says they're definitely drugging Lex. Who aren't they drugging at a mental institution? Chloe says that there might be lots of reasons for that. Clark says he knows, but that he's still gotta do something. Chloe says they can work on it tomorrow. For now, she has to pick up Lana. "How is Lana?" Clark asks. Doop de doo. Chloe -- who is more tousled than flippy this week -- says it's been tough, and that Lana could use some moral support. Clark says he sent a card. "Nothing says 'I love you' more than a $1.50 piece of cardboard," says Chloe. Clark says that Lana doesn't want him there, and that he's trying to keep his promise, for once. Chloe tells Clark to keep her posted on the "Free Lex front." Clark stops Chloe as she's about to leave. He just saw, hacking into the medical record as he's doing, that Doctor Unamused has recommended Lex for radical electroshock treatment. Wasn't that a sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Maybe Lex will play Riff Raff. Chloe comes over to the computer. Clark has already surmised that memory loss is a given, and that Lex could become a vegetable. What, like a cucumber? "When does this happen?" Chloe asks. "In twenty-four hours," Clark says. Yeah, in the middle of the night. The public website broadcasting that info has a countdown on it.

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