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(Almost) Everybody Loves a Hero

Kent Farm. Lois is multitasking. She's baking muffins while trying to find a paper for her pro-hero piece. She's on the phone with someone now. We don't get to hear the other side of the conversation, but Lois says, "Well, then, you don't have any business calling yourself 'fair and balanced,' do you?" She hangs up. Way to burn those bridges, girl! Martha comes in through the kitchen door, dragging a big suitcase behind her. No one picked her up from the hospital? Maybe Chloe gave her a ride. Also, wouldn't there be tons of security, considering she was just shot? I need to stop thinking or I'll never get through this recap. Lois helps her inside and serves up a fresh muffin with a side of possible shooting suspects. Martha says she's already impressed with her. Lois relaxes. Martha gives her a necklace that Jonathan's mother gave her on her wedding day. She remembers being worried she'd never measure up in her mother-in-law's eyes. "You are a perfect fit for Clark," Martha says. "You inspire him." It's an unending task. Lois smiles, but she's sad. "He's losing hope," she says. She's frustrated because no one will print her stories. Martha tells her about the early days when Perry White printed pamphlets out of a storage unit. The idea is "so rebel" to Lois that it gives her an idea.

Lionel drives up to a brick building. Its windows have been boarded up and covered with graffiti. Trash litters the streets. A man huddles over a fire that burns in a rusty steel drum. Lionel looks at the building's facade with distaste. Inside, water runs down the walls from exposed pipes. Paint peels off the doors in thick flakes. There are no vermin around only because they all died from lead poisoning. Lionel comes to a room where a redheaded young man sits at a small desk, hunched over something intently. The young man's blue-eyed gaze lifts from his work when he hears a floorboard creak behind him. He raises a gun and turns to face Lionel. "You've grown up, Alexander," Lionel says. I was stunned to learn that the actor, Lucas Grabeel, is 26. He looks ten years younger, and sounds it, too. "I watched your body fall 40 stories," Alexander says. "It was the greatest moment of my life." For all his bravado, his hand is shaking. Lionel easily snatches the gun away and empties a kryptonite bullet into his palm. Frowning, Lionel looks around the rest of the room and finds Clark's S-shield scratched into the wall, the symbol crossed out. "You shot Martha Kent," Lionel says, aghast. "Why would you do that? I understand she's a perfectly lovely woman." Alexander explains he was trying to kill Clark, hoping the "kryptonite bullet would tear through him." He has a creepy flat affect the whole time he talks. Lionel swears he'll protect Alexander, but what Alexander wants is his help in killing Clark. Lionel seems disturbed at first, but he regrets choosing Clark over his own son once before. He sees this as a second chance. "We'll work together," he says, taking Alexander's face in his hands. "You're my flesh and blood... my only son." (Except for the one who turned into a vampire.) He embraces Alexander, with promises of ruling their family empire. It's so weird and creepy. I'd watch a whole series of this.

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