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(Almost) Everybody Loves a Hero

Daily Planet. Clark walks into Tess's office. She's been trying to reach him all day by phone, but he was busy trying to find the shooter. When he tells her it's Alexander, she's sad but not surprised. She breaks the news to him that Lionel is back, too, having followed Clark from the parallel world. Also, he knows about Alexander. Oliver walks in to deliver even more bad news, that Lionel has already found Alexander. Tess quite logically suggests that Clark use the mirror box to send Lionel and Alexander away. Clark is forced to admit he destroyed the box because he is a big damned fool. He figures he'll go ask Jor-El for help. Oliver reminds him that "snow dad has been a little frosty." Ugh. It's a good thing he's so easy on the eyes, because he can be such a pain to the ears. He and Tess think they need to think of something else. "Don't you have other ways to deal with them?" Tess asks. He could ignore them until May. That usually seems to work out pretty well. Instead of answering, Clark tells them not to do anything while he's away and then zips away to the Fortress. Tess looks like she's not down with that.

Luthor Mansion. For once, the moon is not full! Weird! Lionel shows Alexander into the study. "This is your home," he says. "You'll be safe here." Alexander has the original Lex's memories, so he must know what a big joke that is. Original Lex got kidnapped, pummeled, shot, hypnotized, burned or choked in his own home on a nearly weekly basis. He would have been safer running blindly through a minefield. He gives Alexander a little shoulder rub in front of the fire. "A Luthor's home is his castle," he says. It helps when the home is literally a castle. For some reason, they don't notice that Martha Kent is standing in the middle of the room until she speaks up and points out that this isn't really his home. She says they both know that Alexander is sick and needs help. Oh, yeah, wasn't he supposed to die in six weeks about twelve weeks ago? Lionel asks for a moment alone with Martha. Alexander looks unsure, but leaves the room. The conversation turns to Clark. "If you try to hurt him, I will destroy you," mama bear Martha says. It's pretty much guaranteed that he'll try to hurt Clark, isn't it? I don't think the "Red Queen" would be squeamish about putting Lionel in a world of pain preemptively. Lionel looks quite exhilarated. "I find you very attractive, Martha," he says. "I understand why I had such strong feelings for you." Martha looks perhaps a little revolted, perhaps a little something else. Lionel chuckles about the presents his other self enjoyed giving her. He reminisces about the wristwatch he gave her back in... oh, let's say it was the second season. Lionel is clearly trying to imply some kind of improper relationship, but Martha's not biting. She says they had nothing to hide. Lionel recalls the engraving: "To Martha, with deep affection." He moves very close to her. "Did you share that with your husband?" he asks in a filthy whisper. Martha doesn't flinch. She leans in as if to kiss him, then practically growls, "Stay away from Clark." She walks a few steps away. "You may have used him in your world to kill Lex, but you won't use him in this one."

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