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Chloe's Choice

Isis, nighttime. Clark is trying to make sense of the computers inside. He's looking at maps on the multiple screens. According to this, Smallville and Metropolis are only five miles away from each other! We've all been living a lie! Twist! [Smallville would actually be a commuter's dream, if there weren't so many damn cornfields everywhere. - Z] Oliver comes in without knocking. Clark looks really mad and doesn't greet his non-bromance bud. Clark goes back to the computer. Now where's the Control-Alt-Delete key? Oliver says that he's wasting his time if he's looking for Chloe. But then, he says, wasting time is what Clark does best. Ooh, snap! Oliver is being extra dickish this week to everybody. Clark types harder. I'm surprised he's not breaking the keyboard. Oliver says that Chloe's gone; if anyone can make themselves invisible, it's her. Clark thinks Davis must have done something to her. He doesn't believe Chloe would lie to him unless she was somehow trapped. Oliver speeds through a line that could have been good: he says maybe she can't resist a guy who's "Tall, dark and Doomsday." Oliver says the monster has real feelings for her. Clark denies Chloe would have feelings for Davis. Oliver reminds Clark that he was sent on a wild goose chase to Alaska. He says that Clark should take his word as someone who spent $10 billion on a merger with the girl who got away. He really did the merger just for Tess? What a dumbass. [It obviously didn't help -- she wasn't even in this episode! - Z] Clark doesn't think Chloe would ever choose Davis over her friends. Oliver tells him that people change. He thinks Clark should change, too. He blames Clark for not killing Doomsday when he had the chance. Oliver stops at the door on his way out and turns back. He says that Clark wants to save everybody, but he'll have to make the tough decisions eventually. "It's what heroes do," Davis says. The song from the beginning of the episode plays as Clark thinks, straining massive amounts of brain tissue. He turns. He sees a photo nearby of himself and Chloe when they were much younger. He's wearing the old red flannel shirt. They look happy. Clark's phone suddenly rings. It says the incoming call is blocked.

We cut to Chloe at a gas station. She's calling on her cell phone. Chloe says she just called to say she's all right. Clark's not having it. "Chloe! Where are you?" he asks. Chloe says she and Davis are gone and not to try to find them. Clark doesn't think she's safe with Davis. Chloe promises she knows what she's doing. She tells Clark that everything she's done, right or wrong, has been for Clark. Clark asks Chloe to admit she has feelings for Davis and that's why she ran away. "Clark, I'm protecting you!" she says. Nevertheless, she thinks condemning Davis to the Phantom Zone is worse than death. Clark says he's going to find a way to save her. Chloe, getting teary-eyed, says Clark's not here to save one person. He's here to save all of us. Clark asks if she thinks sacrificing herself will help. "Chloe, you're wrong. You're wrong, Chloe!" Clark says. Chloe says she's thrown a million green rocks away, but she's never really saved Clark. "Now I can," she says. Clark warns her that this is her life they're talking about. He asks her not to do this. Chloe starts to cry. She says that if there's one lesson she's learned from Clark, it's that choosing the greater good is no sacrifice. She hangs up. At Isis, Clark says, "Chloe?" He gets really mad and bashes the top of a pink filing cabinet, crushing it under his fist. Stupid hanging folders! We go back to Chloe wiping away her tears. Davis returns from the gas station store. He brought her some candy, including a heart-shaped lollipop. [How old is that? - Z] Chloe smiles at him and thanks him. Davis, holding a bag of snacks, says they can make it to the border by morning. "Let's disappear," Chloe says. Just before they get into Davis's SUV, Chloe takes a deep breath. In the car, they look at each other and Davis drives away. We're left looking at the sad, old gas station.

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