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Chloe's Choice

Chloe sits in a parked car with a nerdy-looking scientist type. It's Dr. Hamilton. He has glasses and bushy hair. He can't believe Chloe is taking care of Davis in her basement. My God, are you at least giving him coffee? What kind of sick warden are you? He asks if anyone else knows about this. No one does. She says she came directly to this guy because Oliver can't be trusted. Hamilton says Oliver created their "organization" to deal with this kind of problem. Chloe reveals that Oliver killed Lex Luthor. She thinks it's unwise to involve someone who can't think clearly. Probably not a good idea to stick your nose in Oliver's business. No disrespect. She jokes, grimly, that WebMD doesn't have info on intergalactic cures, so she turned to this guy. [Hip Website reference #1! - Z] He thinks WebMD is for pussies. He says he's glad Chloe came to him. But there's only so much he can do with a few cells. He's holding a baggie that contains an object shaped like an empty water bottle. That's one big cell. No wonder he's a monster! Chloe says he has DNA. She asks what else he needs. He wants to see Davis in person. The guy is cute. Help a gay man out. Chloe says it's not gonna happen. He's not pleased. He offers to run some tests on the saliva and asks if this is something Chloe wants to take on alone. Chloe says she's fine. She gets out of the car and is standing on a Metropolis street. The camera spins around her and suddenly Davis is there. He looks really worn out. He asks who that was in the car. Chloe doesn't answer. She tells him he's not supposed to be out and asks what's happening. He's breathing heavily. He says nothing is helping. He looked at photos of Chloe and tried holding strands of her hair. [Also, he's been in her underwear drawer. - Z] But nothing works. He says the thing inside him starts to claw its way out whenever she leaves. "I can't be away from you now," he says. Bummer. Maybe we could get you a Real Doll?

Smallville. Talon. Chloe is showing Davis the newspaper front page. He's shocked. "Cornfield Killer?" Really? He should have buried everyone at an awesome amusement park instead. Davis realizes that he's put Chloe in danger by putting her in the middle of the manhunt. He asks what they'll do when the cops find Chloe. "Then we leave," she says simply. She says they'll just load up the car and never look back. Davis is very surprised. He says Chloe's done more for him than anyone else ever has. He can't ask her to do that. She says it's a good thing he's not the one asking. Davis has to think about that. He paces. He says she couldn't say goodbye to anyone, not even Clark. He asks if she can do that. He has a hard time understanding that he's the most important person in her life. Chloe says, "Davis. I would do anything for you." Except sex. That's right off the table. Only in dreams. Davis says maybe this is their chance to start over. "Let's leave Smallville," he says. Chloe says this is actually happening. She plans to close some accounts and "Dead-end some paper trails." She says they can leave by sundown. Davis tells her he doesn't know where he'd be without her. Burying bodies in the cornfield? Gothic music plays. Chloe takes one last look at Davis before she leaves. Road trip!

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