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Chloe's Choice

Talon, nighttime. Oliver walks in, looking for Chloe. He hears a rumbling from upstairs. Inside, Jimmy has a handful of cash and is holding a canister in the other hand. Aw, won't you druggies ever learn? Oliver figures it out instantly. Jimmy, wide-eyed, says it's just a loan. That Chloe doesn't know about. Oliver is suddenly clobbered. It's Davis. He looks at Jimmy menacing and raises his hand to swing at him. Jimmy ducks. We go to black as Davis attacks.

Commercials. KFC Grilled Chicken is not good. It's like Ugly Betty this season: overcooked, tough to get into and lacking in spice.

Oliver wakes up. He's in a sitting position. Everyone in this room is FIRED! He looks around. He's tied to a pipe in the Talon basement. Jimmy is also tied up, sitting opposite Oliver. "Aw, what the Hell?" Oliver mutters. That is what I say in the middle of every recap at least once. At the sound of his name, Jimmy wakes up, too, and realizes that he's tied up. Oliver asks if he's all right. Dumb question. Jimmy says he's fine, despite a gash on the side of his head, and even though he's been kidnapped by a serial killer. Oliver asks if he knows who did this. Jimmy doesn't want to sound like a broken record, but it was Davis. Davis, Davis, Davis. Scratch. Jimmy informs Oliver that they're in the Talon basement. That triggers Oliver asking what this dude is doing with Chloe. "I'd never hurt Chloe," Davis says as he emerges from the fake-looking mist nearby. Davis, sounding a little embarrassed, says Chloe saved him. Jimmy scoffs. He doesn't think Chloe's that crazy. Davis shoots him a warning look and says you really don't want to upset him right now. Oliver says he's seen Davis's horns. He says the guy gives new meaning to the term "Bridezilla." Not your best line there, Oliver. Stick to being sanctimonious. Jimmy's eyes widen. He's finally figured out that Davis was his uninvited wedding guest. "You're the beast!" he says. Davis turns to him slowly. Did somebody say my beast name? Davis's phone rings. It's Chloe. She tells him she's almost home. Davis tells her urgently to hurry because he can feel himself changing. Oliver takes the opportunity to yell, "Stay away, Chloe!" Davis gives him a dirty look. And not the Gayest Look of the Episode kind. Oliver clenches his jaw. Chloe asks if someone else is there. Davis says some guys broke into her apartment (sorta true) and that he's holding them. She only asks why he left the basement. Davis says he thought she was in danger. Chloe asks him to trust her. She urges him to trust that he should let the guys go. Davis says he'll do it as soon as they're out of Smallville. "Just come home, Chloe, hurry," he says. He's all sweaty. Jimmy looks at him in anger and disgust. Jimmy asks quietly why Davis did it. He asks for the sob story. Davis says he wouldn't understand. Jimmy chuckles. He mocks Davis for being the broody, complicated type. Oliver's like, "What the fuck are you doing, man? I want to LIVE! So I can downsize my company!"

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