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Chloe's Choice

Commercials. Oh, Latino Nasonex bee, how I love you. Please don't sting me or my family.

LuthorCorp. Not OliverCorp. Oliver is messing with his laptop as Jimmy walks in, unannounced. He asks if Oliver's got a read on the beast yet. [How about his number? - Z] Oliver says he has people on every continent, but so far no word. He says there's no castle to storm. Thank you, Miracle Max. Oliver decides to be a sanctimonious douche by telling Jimmy that the beast that he needs to confront maybe isn't out there, it's in here. He points to his own chest. You fucking asshole, there's an actual beast who just made out with his recently estranged wife. Have some tact, you tit. Jimmy goes a long way around the block to say he's not interested in being the poster way for rehab. Oliver raises his hands. He says he didn't call Jimmy in for a lecture. Really? Because that's sure what it looked like. Oliver says he's giving Jimmy the money he asked for earlier. For the "car." He holds out a check. Jimmy, a little emotional, says to forget it; he doesn't need the handout. He starts to walk out of the room. Oliver says it's not a handout, it's Jimmy's first paycheck. Jimmy thinks there must be 12 steps attached. Oliver says there's an opening on his staff and Jimmy would be perfect for it. Is the job description, "Seeking drug-addicted hipster wannabe photographer with no camera who can't even hold a job at a bar pouring drinks?" Because, yeah, Jimmy sounds perfect for that. Oliver says he did a background check on Jimmy. He found some information he liked. Jimmy says he's a mediocre photographer turned failed bartender. He name-checks as the place you won't see a job opening that suits his sorry ass. [Hip Website reference #2! Maybe this should be a Web series! With hyperlinks! - Z] Oliver says Jimmy takes good action shots, but is also good in action when the situation calls for it. Oh, geez. Jimmy says he's being made to sound like some kind of hero. "Trust me, I'm not," he whispers. Oliver's not so sure. He says Jimmy figured out the Davis Bloome connection before anybody else and stood up to the beast. "That took guts," Oliver says. Yes, the guts were all over the floor, in case you hadn't heard. Jimmy says Oliver has good instincts. That's enough for him. Jimmy says that those instincts have made his life awesome lately. Oliver suggests Jimmy change things. He tells Jimmy to accept the offer. "What's the catch?" Jimmy asks. There is none. Oliver says it's a full-time gig and a lot of work. He holds out the check again. Jimmy moves his hand next to the check and shakes Oliver's hand instead. Jimmy smiles a little. Cool, boss, now where do you keep your monkey heroin?

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