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Sun Gave All

Kent Farm, daytime. Clark is listening to an old transistor radio from about fifty years ago; an announcer's saying that the fairy-tale marriage of Lex and Lana is over, and that Lex is being held for questioning, even though he escaped with Bizarro Clark. Chloe enters through the kitchen door, without knocking. She's sporting serious Chloevage. The radio says that Lex was apprehended at the dam and that no funeral for Lana has been set. Chloe says she knows Clark wants to be alone, but that she wanted to try to get more than two words out of him. She turns off the radio. Clark says he'll take a rain check. Chloe congratulates Clark for sending "the evil Bobbsey Twin" into space. Clark mutters about whether he's just as evil as Bizarro Clark. Oh, shut up. He says that when he heard about Lana, he went to find Lex; he wasn't going to let Lex get out of there alive. Clark says the irony is that it was the first time he really understood Lex. Isn't it ironic? Clark says that loving someone is difficult, but that "hate is so...clean." Well, hate has scrubbing bubbles. Chloe says that maybe Clark needs to feel right now, and that anger is a natural human emotion. Clark says that when he was staring at Bizarro's eyes, he saw the monster he could become if he wanted to. It's nice to have options. Clark says it was a reminder that he's not human. Chloe reminds him of the people he's saved. She says that Clark is one of us now, and the fact that he's from a galaxy far, far away only adds character. She says she's here. Clark says that it goes both ways. He wants to know what happened at the dam. Chloe shrugs it off. "When you're ready --" Clark begins. "Thanks," says Chloe, cutting him off.

Lois enters, abrasively, also without knocking. She's still wearing that weird red top. "I forgive you," she tells Clark. "For what?" he asks. Lois says that it was traumatizing enough the first time. Lois says that Chloe has some explaining to do as well. Clark apologizes for whatever it was. Lois knows he didn't mean it, and that he was just in shock. She says she heard about Lana on the news. She hugs Clark and says she's sorry. She advises Clark on making it through the trauma, but warns, "If you ever grab my ass again, I will be taking your head with me when I go." She takes off. Clark doesn't know what to say. Chloe chuckles.

The Barnness of Epilogueitude. "Your father would be proud," Martian Manhunter is telling Clark, up in the loft. He says that bravery isn't something you can learn. Clark asks how much bravery it takes when you're getting pummeled. MM praises Clark for taking responsibility for the phantoms. Clark wonders if he's allowed himself to become weak by caring about all the humans. Martian Manhunter says that these people in Smallville have made Clark who he is. Clark says that they won't always be here. He says that losing Lana has made him realize that everyone will be gone someday. He blah blahs about ignoring his destiny and how he's been trying to be something he'll never be: human. Oh, Clark. You are so tiresome sometimes.

Chloe at her apartment. She holds her death certificate in her hand and lights it up. Flames devour it in the stainless-steel sink. Kelly Clarkson sings the song "Sober" as Chloe watches the fire.

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