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Sun Gave All

In slow motion, police lead Lex in handcuffs to a jail cell. What makes them think he won't escape again? And will he be tried for Keating's death? I'm guessing not. The song continues, talking about three months and sadness. Lex looks at a tiny photo of himself and Lana. He doesn't have a wedding photo?

Prepare yourselves. This is bad. Shanghai, China. We go from a city view to a busy street. The camera zips in to see Lana Lang, wearing the fakest shoulder-length blonde Kim Cattrall wig ever. She's also wearing a tight bright red dress right out of Miss Saigon, in stark contrast to the more conservatively dressed women walking around her. The background looks really fake. Lana arrives at a dark but nice apartment, and pulls off her wig. Her long brown hair falls right out. Haircut, maybe? Lana opens the shutters and stares up into the daytime moon. The light goes to darkness.

We see Clark at the barn, looking up at the same moon. Kelly Clarkson starts to belt it out. I can't help it. I love that girl.

Lex's angel is now a woman in a weird red and blue top, sitting on top of a water tower. She looks down at a silvery bag and pulls a heavy silver bracelet out of it. She puts it on her right hand. Barefoot, she stands up. She puts her hands on her hips. Then she pivots, raises her right hand, and flies up into the dark sky. She loops around as we pull and see the tower and part of The Talon. This super...girl flies toward us and up. We go to black.

Next week: is this girl trouble? We'll soon find out.

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