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Kent Farm, morning. Clark, throwing on his bright red jacket (which I thought he was getting rid of after the red and blue blur was published on the front page of the paper), goes down the stairs to get the kitchen door. Somebody's knocking. It's Lois. She's carrying a large open cardboard box. She gives it to Clark and tells him to handle with care. She's had those albums since she was 10, she says. Clark asks what he could possibly want with her Def Leppard anthology. You animal! If it wasn't for your hysteria, you might find a photograph of a rocket to help you save the Earth if someone tries to Armageddon it. No foolin'! Lois says she's decided to take Clark up on his offer. She says it'll be like old times. Lois, Clark, Guitar Hero weekends. Wow, that was a long time ago. Was Guitar Hero even popular when she lived there? I didn't think Clark was much for video games. "I'm moving in!" she announces. You're supposed to say that before you say all the things you're going to do together. Clark raises an eyebrow. "Really?" he asks. He thought she didn't like the farm. He reminds her that the rooster used to wake her up every morning. She forgot to mention it was just a euphemism. For "Cock." She says that at least the rooster only crows once. She paints a picture of sharing walls with "Pre-wedding Chloe and Jimmy." Ew? Clark says he didn't need to know that. Aw, you need to fill up that brain somehow, Clark. You don't want it to collect cobwebs from disuse. As Lois grabs milk and cereal, Clark asks if it's really a good idea to be living and working together. Like he could get any more sick of Lois. "Carpooler's dream," Lois says. Clark suddenly realizes that he's going to have to share a long-ass commute with this she-annoyance. Lois asks what's the worst that could happen: "I see you in your Snoopy boxers?" Heh. How about he crushes you with a tractor? Lois remembers she found something for Clark on the doorstep. It's a cardboard box. Already opened. Lois thinks it's a care package from MamaKent. Very heavy cookies. Clark notices there's no return address. "That's weird," he says. You don't think it's weirder that the package has already been opened? Inside, there's a very nice, small metal case. Clark opens it. Inside is a blue crest-shaped crystal. Lois asks what the funky paperweight is for. To clobber annoying people. Wanna give it a test-drive? Clark picks it up. It starts to glow. Lois says nonchalantly, "At least it came with batteries." Clark stares into it. The crystal begins to whir and vibrate. The house begins to shake. Clark tells Lois to get away and to run, now! Lois tells Clark to drop the crystal. She reaches for it as Clark is holding the thing out and the whole room flashes blue and white. We cut to the outside of the house and from an overhead view. We see something crashing out through a window. It sails toward us. It's LP cover art from Queen! Actually, it's the flying square of imprisonment that means someone has been banished to the Phantom Zone. On one side and along the edges, Clark is holding up his hands. On the other side, Lois is trapped, too. It looks crowded in there. We see the prison square fly into the sky and out toward space. Trapped!

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