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All That Glitters

Booster struts up onto the stage with his cheerleaders, Cat and the mayor in tow. It's just another rehearsal, so the studio is mostly empty. Booster's in the middle of feeding the mayor his speech (mostly about how awesomely humble Booster is) when a stomping noise comes from the rear of the studio. Cat is the first to see Blue Beetle tromping out from behind the bleachers. If she hadn't spackled on the bronzer we'd probably be able to see her paling at the sight of him. The few people seated in the bleachers scatter. Booster is the last one to see him, right before Blue Beetle raises an armor-plated fist and blasts the stage with some kind of energy weapon. (Sorry, I don't know enough about this character to know if his weapon has a special name. Beetle Blaster? Beetle Juice? I'm sure someone will e-mail me.) Booster dives for the stage. Inside the Beetle helmet, Jaime is screaming, trying to make this thing stop and not having any luck. Against his will, he blasts some tech guy off the catwalk. Booster hides behind some boxes and asks Skeets for the deets. Skeets says he has no record of the attack or the attacker. "It appears Clark Kent may be correct," Skeets informs him. "Our presence here has made my historical data somewhat incorrect." Much mayhem ensues. Cat, lying sprawled on the stage and still clutching the key to the city, begs Booster to do something. He continues hiding. Blue Beetle raises a fist and aims at Cat, who gets up and... stands there. She just stands there all wide-eyed and waiting, just like when she met Deadshot. Booster is still crouching behind those boxes when Skeets speaks up. "May I offer you a piece of advice from your former career, sir?" "Football?" Booster mutters incredulously. "Go big or go home," Skeets tells him. Damn. I thought it was going to be something about remembering to powder the inside of your jock.

Clark arrives as cheerleaders flee the scene. He stands there for a second then catches sight of a phone booth. He whooshes into it, takes off his glasses, and the next thing you know he's wearing his red leather jacket. [That must be why his trench coat was so uncomfortable earlier -- he had another jacket on underneath it. - Z] He zips into the studio at slo-mo speed so we get to see the cool effect of the energy blast slowly making its way from Beetle's gauntlet toward Cat. Clark stands between them, taking the blast on his chest while Cat sees only his silhouette. In the time it takes her to blink, Clark is gone. "The Blur," she says with a smile. Shouldn't Clark have zipped her off the stage? Why would he just leave her there? Maybe he saw the rest of the script and knew she wouldn't be attacked again.

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