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All That Glitters

Metropolis. The moon is full over the Daily Planet. Again. You know, the tides must be crazy with all these full moons. Cat and Lois share an elevator ride that turns into an argument about Booster and the Blur. Cat thinks Booster's more real than the Blur, who's never showed his face or even said why he's protecting people. Lois says "real heroes don't stop to strike a pose," which is just funny because Clark poses all the time. It might not be at autograph sessions, but it's not like the guy saves people in secret. He stands there on rooftops and eye-burns his symbol all over the place. They argue some more about what it means to be a hero. When Cat gets off at her floor, Lois is left alone in the elevator, looking suddenly worried.

Kord Industries. There some folding tables, a few spotlights, that wrecked car... Other than that, it looks like any number of generic warehouses we've seen on this show. Ted Kord is on his cell, telling someone they won't be leaving Metropolis until they find "it." They still haven't found what they're looking for. Clark walks up to him, trying his best to act like the world's most awkward supermodel. He introduces himself with a bit of a stutter and adjusts his glasses. Kord says he's not giving any interviews to the press. He calls for security, but nobody comes, and his scientists just keep working on the car. Clark blathers on about how important this must be for Kord to head up the investigation himself, but Kord still isn't talking. Clark is clearly frustrated. He'd probably like to bust out one of his intimidatingly accusatory speeches, but he's stuck with his new, meek persona. He presses on. "Sir, how important is this weapon? How dangerous is it?" Kord eyeballs him. "Who said we're looking for a weapon?" Clark gapes in silence. "What's your name again?" Clark reintroduces himself with lots of stammering and a tangent about how he's not a front-page reporter and blah blah blah. He makes a pukey face and asks for a restroom. "I had a milkshake on the way in and..." Kord looks at him like there's no way he's letting Clark's irritable bowels anywhere near his restroom. He sends Clark on his way, but since Kord Industries has the same crappy security as every other company in town, Clark just hides behind some boxes. He listens in when Booster phones Kord. They talk about the missing weapon. Booster promises to find it in exchange for Kord putting in a good word with his buddy the mayor. "Pull some strings, get me the key to the city... I'll help you find whatever you need me to find." Kord is baffled. Booster explains, "Let's just say it's the last thing on my 'to do' list." Kord is still confused, but agrees to the deal: "Whatever it takes to get the scarab back." Clark zips away, but not before grabbing a glossy Kord Industries brochure about the scarab. Way to keep the weapon a secret, Teddy.

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