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All That Glitters

On his way back from Kord Industries, Clark pauses for a moment near the city's street corner so he can take a look at his ill-gotten brochure. Behind him, two men cover a Booster Gold billboard with a new sign for the Blur. Under Clark's S-shield are the words "The Real Man of Steel." Clark shakes his head and instantly recognizes Lois's handiwork. Lighthearted Superman music plays.

Booster's All-Booster Golden Revue. Booster has a team putting together a show for when he accepts the key to the city. (It's probably the same warehouse as Kord Industries, except now it has a stage and some curtains so it's a studio.) Cheerleaders prance about to guitar music for Booster's approval. "I'm gonna need a sound check for when I make my acceptance speech," he says to a tech. "Will you be thanking anyone, sir?" Skeets asks. "Well, me," Booster says, like duh. "And maybe my mom; people love that sentimental stuff." Jaime shuffles into the scene, desperate to talk to Booster. Jaime tries to explain he's been attacked by something, but Booster dismisses him with an autographed picture. He turns his attention to his cheerleaders and asks which of them would like to present him with the key. Wouldn't that be the mayor? Maybe he wouldn't agree to wearing the miniskirt. Cat Grant steps out onto the stage, wearing two pounds of makeup and a cheerleader outfit. She volunteers. Booster gives her an appreciative look and gives her the job. Tonight, the role of Lois Lane will be played by Cat Grant and her push-up bra. Meanwhile, Jaime has stumbled his way backstage. Blue light shoots out the back of his neck. As he screams, a metallic blue armor fashions itself around him. It makes him look vaguely like an insect on two legs. His eyes glow behind the metallic face. "Destroy," intones a distorted voice. Meet Blue Beetle, y'all.

Daily Planet. Clark confronts Lois about the billboard. When she tries to explain herself by saying that Booster is trying to replace him, Clark reminds her it's not a competition. He shows her the brochure. The scarab, he says, is extraterrestrial technology. It bonded with one of Kord's scientists like a parasite. "The guy's name was Dan Garret." Dan + Scarab went on to kill three people before they were stopped, and Garret died when the scarab was removed. "Kord hired Booster to bring it back in exchange for the key to the city," Clark says. Lois is aghast. "Your key to the city," she says. "He's been here like a day!" Focus, woman! What part of "killed three people" struck you as less important than Clark schmoozing with the mayor? She wants Clark to make his debut as the Blur, but he declines because his nerdification isn't complete or some crap. Maybe they could get a bookworm to bond with Clark and speed up the process. Lois gets a call from Booster and hands Clark the phone. "Hey, Blur Boy!" Booster greets him. "I mean Clark." Clark doesn't seem very puzzled by that. He tells Booster they need to find Kord's missing weapon.

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