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All That Glitters

An instant later, he's standing behind Booster under the billboard. They argue about Booster's profiteering style of heroism. Real heroes, Clark says, are trying to earn back people's trust. He also says that Booster is putting them at risk, but Booster disagrees. "No one's at risk -- not as long as I keep flying in for that heroic rescue." He makes a swooping motion with his hands and Clark notices he's wearing a Legion ring. Clark is agog to think that Booster might be a Legionnaire from the future, but it turns out that Booster just "borrowed" the ring from them. He is from the future, though. To reassure Clark, he says, "I always know exactly what to do at exactly the right time, thanks to the assistance of my historical data droid." He taps his earpiece and introduces Skeets. "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kent," Skeets says. Clark gives Booster a lecture on the dangers of time. Case in point, Booster has now changed history just by showing up and Skeets has no idea where to find the scarab. Booster tries to act like it's no biggie, but he's clearly floundering. He covers it up with more bravado: "You're talking to the single greatest hero of the 25th century, all right?" Clark makes a "baroo?" face. Booster brags that he's some kind of big deal with billions of worshipers. Clark thinks someone will get hurt. Booster makes it all about Clark's jealousy. "You can't stand the fact that people are choosing me over you."

Clark opens his mouth to say something, but Booster cuts him off. He shows Clark to the studio's back door and every so magnanimously gives Clark the chance to go claim the key for himself. He says that according to history, whoever gets the key becomes the "man of steel." "All you gotta do is show me up, reveal yourself to the world, put that suit on display and steal my thunder." He pounds his heart for emphasis like he's Celine Dion. "The suit doesn't make the hero," Clark says. "A hero is made in the moment by the choices that he makes and the reason that he makes them." Try to remember that next time you go off on one of your whining binges, dude. He says more inspirational things, then generously allows that Booster might be a hero, but he hasn't been acting like one yet. Booster is stung. He tries to hide it, but the armor is chipping. Skeets buzzes him. "They're ready for you, sir." He heads into the studio with one last parting shot about Clark's impending obsolescence. Clark looks worried. It's probably mostly because of the missing scarab, but also maybe a little because Booster got to him.

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