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Omar on Recapping Smallville the TWoP Way

Nobody ever said the posters on the Smallville forums were quiet (or that they couldn't be a little intimidating). But when I was offered the chance to come speak at their first annual mini-con (and when I was assured that, yes, this was a free trip) I leapt at the chance. When I was done with the leaping, I got to work. What follows is the PowerPoint presentation I showed as part of my talk on recapping and the TWoP Way. Please bear in mind: I am neither a PowerPoint Professional, nor even remotely artistic. I am also not responsible for any searing of the eyes that may occur from viewing said slideshow.

Webster's defines recapping as, "The act of making fun of something on TV but writing about it at length for people on the internet for very little money. Or something. You know what? Don't ask us. We're fucking Webster's, not Television Without Pity. See, 'Leave Us The Fuck Alone.'"

Recapping a television show involves anywhere from five to ten hours of watching a television show, watching it again with frequent pauses to type what people are doing and saying, and another few hours to think of funny things to say, and -- in the case of Smallville -- to look up adjectives for the word "gay."

Television Without Pity recappers are raised from a young age in the mountains of Chiapas, learning their survival skills among the Contras and rebels.

Through a highly painful and rigorous tutorial, potential recappers who don't make the cut are put through the rigors of the Recapper's Rack.

This poor man had to watch a whole season of Get Real. He didn't make it.

We've found only one side effect of watching so much television: Premature aging.

Several challenges presented themselves when I started recapping Smallville. How best to talk about the homoerotic subtext without offending straight or gay readers?

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