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Lana's Talon-based apartment, at night. The fireplace is going as Jason asks a sullen Lana why she's put on a pout. "Talk to me," he insists. Can we skip it and pretend she did? Lana looks away as she says, "I met your mom." Jason asks her where. At The Talon. Lana conveys the Smallville Inn message. Jason asks why Lana didn't tell him earlier. "I don't know," she says sadly. She says, unfairly, that she doesn't want to be the one passing notes between Jason and his mother. With that, she gets up in a huff. The hell? How is this Jason's fault? Dude, I'm serious this time. Fucking RUN! Jason says he wouldn't ask Lana to do that, and that his mom had no right to come there. He apologizes for something he didn't do. Lana turns around again emotionally and says that Jason's mom seemed worried. Jason says his mom might have seemed sad and heartbroken, but "she's not." He says she's manipulative and has always tried to control him. You mean like...a mom? Well, some moms. My mom rules. You better not talk shit about her. Or she will force me to do something unpleasant to you. No, Mother, no! We were just talking! Please don't...! Yes, Mother. Whatever you say, Mother. You know I love you, Mother. I'll take care of this...unpleasant person. Mother! Lana whispers that she dreamed about Jason's mom. Lesbian MILF? Lana clues Jason in on her witchy dream, and how Jason's mom was suddenly there. But here's the shitkicker: "I dreamed about her before I met her," Lana says. It's not quite The Twilight Zone, is it? Hasn't that happened to all of us before at some point? You dream something, then it happens? I think they call that déjà-vu. In France, even.

Clark and Chloe are in the Torch newsroom, looking through a microscope. There was writing on the diamond. Chloe asks how they get the writing so small. "Lasers," Clark says. How did he know something that Chloe doesn't? That's bullshit. Clark says that all the high-end diamond dealers engrave them in case they're lost or stolen. Chloe goes to the fax machine, impressed that Papa Luthor would have his old diamond dealer send over the purchase orders. Chloe asks for the numbers. Clark reads them out. Chloe finds the matching purchase order. "Wow. Very expensive," she says. They were couriered to a person named Shannon Bell. The name sounds familiar to Clark. Chloe says that, according to the fax, the woman works in Lex's law firm. "We have to warn him," Clark says. Chloe goes to call the police. We hear a tiny-sized "whoosh," and Chloe turns to find Clark gone. She seems more annoyed than anything at yet another disappearing act.

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