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Cops + Capes = Crap

Metropolis at night. Officer Obviously Corrupt gets into a squad car with Danny, who looks despondent. Danny says he made some calls about "Joe." He's not who he says he is.

Clark is at one of the cops' houses, looking for clues. He does his X-ray vision on a nearby parked car. Inside the trunk is a sniper rifle. A clue! Clark opens the trunk. As soon as Clark picks up the gun (stupid!), a swarm of cops surrounds him. They say Clark's under arrest for the attempted murder of Jones. How in the world did they figure he was going to find the sniper rifle? Clark is cuffed. He asks Danny if he set him up. "You're better than this," Clark tells him. Nah, not really. Well, maybe, we'll see. Clark is shoved into the police car and driven off. Corrupt and Danny stay behind. Corrupt tells Danny he did the right thing. And also that Danny's hands have been clean for too long. To cheer him up, he tells Danny that he'll be the guy who killed the Green Arrow. Thanks? You shouldn't have?

Commercials. Push, the movie. As in, "You couldn't push me hard enough to get me into a theater to see Push."

Metropolis skyline. Danny is driving a squad car to an abandoned urban area. In the back of the car is the guy from the pharmacy robbery. "This is messed up!" the guy says. He thought he was being transferred. Danny assures him that he won't kill him, since he's just bait. Good? Officer Obviously Corrupt is up on a nearby rooftop, aiming his sniper rifle. Danny yells out asking how they know Green Arrow will show. Because of yelling it out loud like that? Another cop is already roughing up the robber. Corrupt is sure that Green Arrow is watching and won't be able to resist this tasty bit of police brutality. The robber yells for help while the other cop mocks him and keeps punching. Officer Obviously Corrupt Jr. draws his gun on the robber. The robber, scared, raises his hands. The cop shoots right above the guy. Then he smacks him. The cop picks up a big piece of pipe. Suddenly, Green Arrow comes down via a wire. Nobody saw where that came from? There's an invisible building? Oliver tries for levity: "We gotta stop meeting like this," he says. Cop swings pipe. Green Arrow dodges. Then punches. The robber runs away. "You're welcome!" Oliver calls after him. Corrupt is still aiming his sniper rifle. Danny has his gun drawn behind him and tells Green Arrow to turn around. Green Arrow says it's not every day someone gets the drop on him. "Is this all a joke to you?" Danny asks. Oliver asks if he was gonna put the robber in the ground just for taking a shot at him. Danny is again conflicted. Corrupt tells Danny, via radio, to hurry up and take the shot. Danny can't do it. Making conversation, Green Arrow asks if he's Joe's partner. "His name is Clark Kent," Danny says. Corrupt tells Danny to just take the shot, already. Green Arrow says it's not too late. Danny asks why the Capes don't just mind their own business. He says he has a family at home. Oliver throws down: He says that when Danny's little boy asks who he saved today, he can say he killed a man in cold blood. Danny says it ain't like that. Oliver says that Clark trusted Danny and thinks he just lost his way. Corrupt warns Danny again to take the shot. Or else! Oliver gives up. He puts down his hands and says that if Danny needs to do this to find himself, to just do it. He says Danny can prove Clark wrong. Oliver would rather get shot than let Clark win an argument. Danny tries one more time to take the shot. He can't. He lowers his pistol. Corrupt aims his laser sight on Danny instead. Oliver dives to save him. The both scramble to avoid the sniper rifle. Corrupt whispers that Danny should have taken that shot. All right, shit, we get it! The shot! Corrupt calls dispatch and requests assistance. He says he's spotted Green Arrow and an officer is down. He takes aim again. TAKE THE SHOT!

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