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Cops + Capes = Crap

The two cops who busted Clark take him out of the police cruiser. Just then, a call comes in from dispatch about the Green Arrow situation. One of the cops tells the other that he knew Danny wouldn't seal the deal. They even had a bet going. Clark watches with disdain from just outside the car as they exchange gambling cash. Clark whooshes out of there, but not before giving them a granny grimace.

Corrupt is still trying to take out Green Arrow and Danny. OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE SHOT RIGHT NOW TAKE THE SHOT SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT THE SHOT! Green Arrow stupidly has his head sticking out where it could easily be taken out. Did he not hear about The Shot? Corrupt fires and misses that giant, green target. Danny also exposes his face to the sniper sight. He slowly tries to get up and go somewhere else and is shot in the shoulder. Message for you, sir! Oliver helps pull him back to safety. More sniper shots. Suddenly the rifle view is blocked by something red and blue. Clark knocks the rifle aside. Corrupt pulls out his sidearm and points at Clark. He fires. The bullet ricochets off Clark's chest, and the gun goes flying back. Corrupt's hand is hurt. Clark tries to explain: "It's like you said. Always wear a vest." Corrupt curls into a ball and moans. YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE SHOT! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T TAKE THE SHOT, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU SHOT-LESS MOTHERFUCKER! We hear a siren approach. Down below, Danny grabs Officer Obviously Corrupt Jr. and arrests him. As a police cruiser pulls up, Danny says, "Don't shoot! I'm one of the good guys." Aw, Danny Boy. Clark watches, a smile on his face.

Commercials. Ever notice how chewing gum commercials just try so much harder? Maybe it's because they're trying to sell you some stupid gum.

Metropolis General. Martian Manhunter is doing much better. He's sitting on the side of his hospital bed, fully dressed, looking at his Metropolis PD badge. Being careful not to make himself bleed, he eases his arm over to put the badge in his pocket. Just then, Clark and Oliver walk in. Manhunter says it's good to be back on his feet. He suddenly gasps a bit and touches his chest. Easy there, big fella. Clark thanks him for using his pull to get him out of trouble with the police, and points out that Jones could have used some backup sooner. Clark asks why he didn't call. Jones says it's the same reason he's had to save Clark from the brink of death and why Oliver let his guard down: pride. Jones looks out the blinds and really chews up the dialogue as he says that it's tough to admit you can't do it alone after you've truly felt so powerful. Oliver says that going solo has really caught up with all of them. Let's get together and be Wham! Clark says that even though the cops were wrong, having that kind of brotherhood can make you feel like you can do anything. They all throw admiring glances at each other. Oh, just get a room. I mean, a room other than one in a hospital.

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